Thursday, March 11, 2010


Oh I am getting so bad at this blogging thing. I used to be so up to date and well now I am not.

Lets see here..what is new? We went to Disneyland...had way too much fun and got to meet Julia Grace. Highlight of the year so far! :)

I haven't actually run in more then a week! hahaha. It makes me laugh, but then I start thinking about my 5 mile run the rain...and cold. Then laughing stops, forever. I did run yesterday morning on the treadmill, just a little 3 miler. It went well, my legs had power and it didn't feel like I was sucking eggs. I would say that qualifies as a quality run!

I run 5 miles today, 3 miles tomorrow and then run 13 miles on Saturday. What am I doing? I don't just go out and run 13 miles. Who am I? 13 miles used to be the mileage I would train to, now it is just one week closer to the bigger goal. I mean I will run these 13 miles on Saturday and then the next week have to go farther??? The world doesn't work like that. I am sure of it. But for some weird reason, I am the one who decided to do this. I actually willingly agreed when Meeggggie told me we were doing this. Note to self: stop and THINK before you answer people.

On Sunday, which is usually my day off, my Jamaican sprinter, the aunts and I are running in St. Patty's Day Dash. I have never run in it but it looks fun! Pray for no rain!

Well I'm out for now....oh one more thing...I love ya!

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