Monday, April 16, 2012

More Results and Maybe an Answer????

Ultrasound: NORMAL! Thank you Jesus.

Blood Tests....NOT NORMAL. My iron is EXTREMELY low and my Vitamin D is a little low. Hmmm....I am off to the store today to get my supplements.

And then I found this online:

"Iron Deficiency in Runners Can Reduce Their Performance

Not only does iron deficiency cause fatigue, it reduces running performance. Iron has the critical job of supplying cells with oxygen, and if muscle cells don't have enough oxygen during exercise, they produce lactic acid. When lactic acid builds up, it causes muscle fatigue, which isn't a good thing if you're a runner. One study showed runners who supplemented with 100 milligrams of ferrous sulfate for six weeks, had better endurance and less muscle fatigue even if they didn't have low iron levels."

Hmmmm...have we found our answer?

I will let you know.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Some results....

Well I have gotten the MRI back...CLEAR! WAHOOOO!

Still waiting for the ultrasound results, which is frustrating because I had it done last Friday! UGH! Praying it comes back clear.

I have been having some massive leg pain and it feels at times like I can't breathe. I really don't know what normal is anymore. I am continuing on with my plan to run Eugene, however slow it might be. This is when I really wish I had a running partner. Someone to talk with and figure out if what I am feeling is normal.

I might just have that running partner on Saturday though! The Yenster is here and we might just go shake our legs out together.

I will let you know.

Liking that I am back to blogging. Might be a bit more serious about it now....who knows! :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Break

Yup big break time took full effect around September. But the good news is since then, I have run the Disney Half Marathon, kept up on swimming, kept running and decided to run the Eugene Marathon. Unfortunately there have been some medical set backs that have recently come about. Hoping to get more info today, and will let you all know! The Eugene Marathon might become the Eugene Half Marathon....and that's okay!

Pray me for...we need my lab work to come back we really, really need it to!

Love you and glad to be back!