Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Please look's pouring...I mean dumping people. Guess what? I have a 5 mile run after work today. Joy to the world, happy happy joy joy. NOT! Ugh! I am sick of this weather!!!!!! Come on sun!

Okay no more complaints. Just needed to get that off my chest.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Very very very quick....this is the recap of the last 4 days of running:
  • Thursday: Wake up in Idaho...get in the to Montucky...I mean Montana to get the wedding plans going! running.
  • Friday: Alarm goes off, roll over push AA in the chest, "please get up and run with me???" He agreed! YES! We start our run. When I think about Montana in May I think hot and sun. Nope FREEZING FREEZING FREEZING. Made it less then 3 miles before I was crying to go back, because my ears were going to break off of coldness. I mean my ears hurt so bad it was like stabbing a needle into my brain...okay, a little drama queen for you but you get it.
  • Saturday: Had time to run before the wedding, 7am, look outside SNOWING! I mean blizzard people. Well, nope not running. Call Christina to tell her, "move wedding inside NOW!" :)
  • Sunday: WAY TO MUCH DANCING...legs running. However I did exercise my butt muscles by sitting for 11 hours in a car on the way home...they were sore when I got done. :)
Not a lot of running, but a lot of loving, making new friends, reuniting with old ones and remembering how sweet Jesus made marriage. Jesus loves us so much He gave us marriage. Thank you Jesus. Congrats to Andy and Christina! I LOVE YOU!

Tomorrow...hitting the treadmill early!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Real Quick

Quick summary of this weekend...BUSY! I am so tired today I could fall off this chair. And I had a rager headache this morning...great. Good news....yesterday at oh dark hundred hours (although it was very bright for 6:30 fricking am) I climbed out of bed, munched on some protein and carbs and headed out to run run run. 16 miles. Do we all remember the last time I ran 16, yea the time when I got to 15 and I thought my back was going to break in half? Yea that great run. So as you could probably guess I was really scared to do this. But I headed out and prayed, "please Jesus give me Your power and strength" and you know what He did! The first 4 miles I was all by my lonesome. Mile 5ish a woman wearing a cute running skirt got ahead of me. She was tall as well so our strides were right about the same. I watched her calves the whole way up the dreaded mile long hill. I made the pass at the end of it. Her and I caught back up to each other numerous times throughout the next 2 miles. She was quick off of the red lights but my pace was just a bit quicker. At one point I ran behind her and didn't push myself. I looked up and she was veering off the left, she turned around knowing I was right behind her and waved goodbye. So nice! I prayed that I hope she knew Jesus and their relationship continues to blossom.

Saw AA at mile 10, I was feeling pretty good. Slurped down a vanilla GU and headed down to Alki. At one point my leg was feeling really bad. I looked to the Heavens and asked God to put His healing hands on my leg to take away the pain...and then boom! Right then and there it was gone. Oh Jesus You are amazing! Passed a woman at mile 12 , turned around and told her she was looking great! She smiled but I knew she was feeling it. I saw her again at mile 15.5. She gave me the thumbs up this time. I love nice runners.

I finished at 2 hours 28 minutes. About the same time I finished that last one, but this one I felt so so so much better. I could have kept going a couple more miles I think.

THANK YOU JESUS for the boost of running confidence. I am going to listen to Pastor Richard's sermon on forgiveness tonight. I am guessing it is going to be a good one. I will keep you updated!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I came across this...

The last couple days on the way to work, I have thanked Jesus for the sun. It is such a mood booster! And even though all of us who get to go to work (yes I said get to go..there are so many people who don't have jobs right now) and only get to enjoy the sunshine for the last couple hours of the day, the sun just makes you happy. Today, I started to dream about how I would love a pool and I would love a nice man to come over to offer to clean my sunglasses and offer me frozen grapes. And then I realized I have had that before. My Jamaican sprinter and I's honeymoon! I came across this picture. Oh what peace it was to sit there read, swim, be next to my new husband and have some nice man give me frozen grapes.

So I have decided...because there is no trip to Mexico, Hawaii, Baja, or any other pool living countries anytime soon I am off to Target today to buy me a kiddie pool. And then I am going to march over the AA's work and demand he feeds me frozen grapes and cleans my sunglasses while I squeeze my Joly Green Giant body into that kiddie pool. Yup it will be just like Mexico! Wish me luck!

PS...Yesterday I went on a 7 mile run at Greenlake, AKA, the new Jersey Shore, and all I had on was shorts and a tshirt! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!! No more layering...for now. I just looked at the forecast, rain again on Monday. FABULOUS!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Kirkland Half Marathon

The night before the half marathon I thought to myself, "I have done this three times before, this is easy, I will sleep so well tonight." Did that happen? NO! Ugh! Slept horrible, alarm blaring at 5:45; Got up, changed, breakfast and then got loaded into the car. Off to Kirkland we went. I love when AA comes with, that way I don't have to worry about parking, directions, ect. It was cold that morning and I was worried I should have worn pants. But, there was no second guessing myself now, too late!

At about 7:25am I kissed AA goodbye and lined up. I looked down at one point before the horn went off and what did I see? Bare feet. BARE FEET PEOPLE! EWWW! I looked at the guy like he was crazy...because he was! It grossed me out so much I had to move spots...couldn't look at those feet anymore! The horn went off, I waved to AA right after the start line, put my head down and started running. I knew this was going to be a hilly course, but was still hoping to beat 2 hours.

When I say hilly I am not joking. I knew that we were going to climb for 7 miles. I just kept telling myself, "just get to 7 miles and that it is all down hill." Every corner we turned it was a new hill, some short, some steep, some so long you couldn't see the top. At mile 2 Aunt Laura passed me, I kept her in sight for about 4 miles, then she was off. People were walking up the hills, but I kept plugging along, sometimes only going as fast running as the people walking, but I knew I did not want to walk. At mile 4ish, this women got right in front of me on a hill, which was fine with me. Her and I both knew I wasn't going to pass her anytime soon. I watched her feet as we both climbed the particular mountain, I mean hill. When we got to the top and I thought I could breathe again, I looked up. Do you know what her shirt said? "You are stronger then you think you are." Wow! Tears came to my eyes. Was that needed or what! I wanted to stop her right then and there and give her a hug. Then I remembered that if anyone tried to stop and give me a hug while I was running I would deck 'em. So I just kept running. She stayed in front of me almost the whole race. We would trade positions and the Lord knew when to put her in front of me so I could read the back of her shirt.

At around mile 4.5 I said to myself "I am never doing this dumb race again!" That message pretty much stayed with me the rest of the way. Uphill all the way is well uhmmm...HARD! At mile 7 I thought I would see AA. I needed to see him. I was hungry and needed GU. Mile 7, no AA. Mile 8, no AA. We were going downhill and flat for this part of the race so I wasn't entirely angry that I wasn't seeing him. At mile 9 and 10 when there was no AA I was worried I wouldn't have enough energy to get to the finish line. Then just as God heard my call I looked up. There was a women pushing her children in her BOB stroller. In a bright pink shirt, the back read, "I can do all things, through Christ, who strengthens me." WAHOOOO! That was a boost. As I passed her I yelled out "I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!" She told me thanks and God bless. Wow, thank you Jesus!

Finally I saw AA. I slurped down a GU and some water and was off to the finish. I checked my watch and sub 2 hours was still possible if I picked it up a little. The at mile 11 the hills started again. I turned a corner at one point, saw and hill and literally yelled out loud! The volunteer who was there looked me dead in the eye and told me I was almost done. He was right. At mile 12 I checked my watch and realized that sub 2 hours wasn't possible. I got a little sad but realized that this course was the hardest course I have ever ran and the fact that I was going to PR was an accomplishment in and of it self.

I crossed the finish line at 2 hours, 3 minutes and 7 seconds. I had a great time, even though I was by myself. This was the first half I had done without KB. I felt like I was missing something the whole morning and the fact of the matter was, I was missing girls. Oh how I love those girls.

Thank you Jesus for an amazing race. Lord thank You for giving me strength, funny moments, women that encouraged me with their shirts and most of all for the reminder that You are in control. Lord thank You for AA's support and love. Lord I love You!

Here are some pictures from the race!

Mile 10...finally AA finds me!

Do you see that girl in the teal tank? Well let me tell you about her. I chased her down for two hours! She was in front of me the whole way, and then with .20 miles left, I passed her. I PASSED HER! Then even before I knew what was happening, she saw the finish, put her jet boosters in and passed me at the last minute! UGH!

Done! YAY!

"Uhmmm AA, please come and save me. I need water and Snickers....NOW!" much better! :)

Aunt Laura and I!

After the race, we drove to Mt. Vernon to celebrate Mother's day with the one and only Linda Lou Who. About Marysville something started burning on my back. I lifted up my shirt and told AA to figure out what in the H-E-Double hockeysticks was going on! A huge rash was forming from my sparts bra. This has never happened before so I didn't know what to do. The salt from my sweat that was now dried onto my skin was rubbing in it as well. Let me tell you the joy I felt at that moment...NOT! Once I got to the farm I took a shower. As I stripped down I realized the rash was on my front too, right girls. I decided for the sake of... well everything I wouldn't take a picture of that. My shower was so painful I got out as soon as I could. It feels better today. And you know what this means?? I AM GOING SHOPPING FOR A NEW SPORTS BRA! WAHOOO!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Marathon...

Dear Marathon,

Let's just get something straight right here and right are getting to me. I am tired, hit the wall, have bonked, but yet, I still cannot keep my mind from thinking about you. Every thing I do, eat and watch these days has a positive or negative impact on how I run that day or the next. You have taken me away from things I love like, sleeping in, waffles (not enough protein in the morning), my Jamaican sprinter and reality TV. How dare you!

Marathon, if you wanted to bring my body, mind and spirit to the limit to see what I am made of, you have been successful. Marathon, I have run 334.9 miles since I started this journey and I can barely see the finish line, which is actually the start line on June 26.

Marathon, let me just get one thing clarified, you have shown me more about pain, endurance and more importantly Jesus then I can say. So I guess, Marathon, thank you. I truly do hate you sometimes, but overall you have taught me a lot, about who I am, where I am going and how to always look up.

I will see you today at 4:30 for a "little" 7 miler. Lets be on our best behavior okay?


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


*Cough Cough, sniffle sniffle* Do you feel bad for me yet? Sunday we drove home from the farm after celebrating my amazing mother-in-laws birthday. Happy birthday Linda Lou Who! The plan was to go to church and then I was going to run, hurry get in the shower and then get ready to help my friend Katie move. Sad :(. So the plan was going according to plan when going home from church I looked at AA and told him my throat hurt and I was feeling extra tired. He said his throat hurt a little, so I didn't think anything of it. I strapped on my shoes, kissed him goodbye and hit the road. I knew something was wrong when I was feeling so tired going DOWN hill. But I plowed through the first 5 miles, often at stop lights having to bend over, hands on my knees. I never EVER do that. AA ran with me the next three miles, instead of at the end. I told him how tired I was, just after 5 miles. He told me I was doing fine and then took off. I knew what he was doing, he was trying to get to the intersection first to make sure there were no cars coming as the red hand flashed. Usually we could have both made it before the light changed, but today I just couldn't. I needed to stop for just 30 seconds to catch my breath. So he came back and realized I wasn't kidding. After we parted ways at 8.5 miles I doubted I could go any further. But I told him I would see him in 50 minutes when I was done with 6 more miles. Down the hill, around the ben and I was heading towards Alki. I told myself to check in at 12.5 miles knowing I would at least get myself to 13.1 to see my time. I was running so slow at 12.5 I really didn't know how much further I could push. It was the first time while running I legitmatly knew I couldn't do this, that day. But I kept going, so tired. I checked in at 13.1 miles. This was the first time since training that I didn't break the 2 hour mark for a half marathon. I was sad but knew I only had .9 miles to go. AA found me on Alki. I told him I had a mile left. He left to go park the car. And when I was finished I couldn't find him anywhere. I started to cry and hyperventilate all at the same time (not a good idea) because I needed to sit down. The people at Spuds probably thought I was CRAZY wondering around looking for somebody and crying. AA found me, loaded me in the car and proceeded to help me once we got home.

The good news, I finished, I am not as sick as I have been in the past, I can sill breathe through my nose (this is the best news of all) and I think I am ready for the Kirkland Half on Sunday. My legs are pretty tired, not sore, just tired from this morning's easy three miler. This is strange because I haven't felt this tired after running just three miles in a long time.

On Sunday at church I was reminded yet again how good God is. And while running it struck me even harder how amazing God is. That is the good and bad part of running. Everything is magnified; little pains, extreme highs and lows, and the clear distinction of how my life would cease to exist without Christ. I think about people who don't have Christ and how easy their life looks. And then I think about my own life, back when I didn't have Christ either. The best way to describe the difference is that I used to live a life in black and white. Now I live a life in technicolor. Life simply was not life without Christ. Life is not easier with Christ, no sometimes I think the exact opposite. But Christ teaches us to have endurance. I know I have talked about this before, but it is so pivotal in our everyday walk with Christ and our everyday run. You don't need endurance until you feel like quitting, and if you are like me I need a lot of endurance.

Remember that endurance only comes from the Big Man upstairs. Keep running...especially towards Him!