Sunday, May 23, 2010


Very very very quick....this is the recap of the last 4 days of running:
  • Thursday: Wake up in Idaho...get in the to Montucky...I mean Montana to get the wedding plans going! running.
  • Friday: Alarm goes off, roll over push AA in the chest, "please get up and run with me???" He agreed! YES! We start our run. When I think about Montana in May I think hot and sun. Nope FREEZING FREEZING FREEZING. Made it less then 3 miles before I was crying to go back, because my ears were going to break off of coldness. I mean my ears hurt so bad it was like stabbing a needle into my brain...okay, a little drama queen for you but you get it.
  • Saturday: Had time to run before the wedding, 7am, look outside SNOWING! I mean blizzard people. Well, nope not running. Call Christina to tell her, "move wedding inside NOW!" :)
  • Sunday: WAY TO MUCH DANCING...legs running. However I did exercise my butt muscles by sitting for 11 hours in a car on the way home...they were sore when I got done. :)
Not a lot of running, but a lot of loving, making new friends, reuniting with old ones and remembering how sweet Jesus made marriage. Jesus loves us so much He gave us marriage. Thank you Jesus. Congrats to Andy and Christina! I LOVE YOU!

Tomorrow...hitting the treadmill early!

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