Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Marathon...

Dear Marathon,

Let's just get something straight right here and right are getting to me. I am tired, hit the wall, have bonked, but yet, I still cannot keep my mind from thinking about you. Every thing I do, eat and watch these days has a positive or negative impact on how I run that day or the next. You have taken me away from things I love like, sleeping in, waffles (not enough protein in the morning), my Jamaican sprinter and reality TV. How dare you!

Marathon, if you wanted to bring my body, mind and spirit to the limit to see what I am made of, you have been successful. Marathon, I have run 334.9 miles since I started this journey and I can barely see the finish line, which is actually the start line on June 26.

Marathon, let me just get one thing clarified, you have shown me more about pain, endurance and more importantly Jesus then I can say. So I guess, Marathon, thank you. I truly do hate you sometimes, but overall you have taught me a lot, about who I am, where I am going and how to always look up.

I will see you today at 4:30 for a "little" 7 miler. Lets be on our best behavior okay?


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