Friday, May 14, 2010

I came across this...

The last couple days on the way to work, I have thanked Jesus for the sun. It is such a mood booster! And even though all of us who get to go to work (yes I said get to go..there are so many people who don't have jobs right now) and only get to enjoy the sunshine for the last couple hours of the day, the sun just makes you happy. Today, I started to dream about how I would love a pool and I would love a nice man to come over to offer to clean my sunglasses and offer me frozen grapes. And then I realized I have had that before. My Jamaican sprinter and I's honeymoon! I came across this picture. Oh what peace it was to sit there read, swim, be next to my new husband and have some nice man give me frozen grapes.

So I have decided...because there is no trip to Mexico, Hawaii, Baja, or any other pool living countries anytime soon I am off to Target today to buy me a kiddie pool. And then I am going to march over the AA's work and demand he feeds me frozen grapes and cleans my sunglasses while I squeeze my Joly Green Giant body into that kiddie pool. Yup it will be just like Mexico! Wish me luck!

PS...Yesterday I went on a 7 mile run at Greenlake, AKA, the new Jersey Shore, and all I had on was shorts and a tshirt! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!! No more layering...for now. I just looked at the forecast, rain again on Monday. FABULOUS!

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