Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just a couple things...

Yesterday before I went to work I had a 6 mile run ahead of me. The day before I was actually excited, to go out and run. I was more excited to not be on a treadmill, (remember, my arch rival who HATES ME?). I checked the weather, it was supposed to be nice, NICE people! So I went on watched my favorite show, The Biggest Loser :), and knew tomorrow I would wake up and have a nice easy run. Then right before I went to bed the weather guy comes on to give us a preview of the 11pm news, and you know what he said? "See the latest storm coming into Seattle." Latest storm? What the heck, this afternoon it said it was supposed to be nice tomorrow morning?

So the next morning I woke up, looked outside to see our little tree almost bent over sideways from the wind and knew I HAD to run. During my run I knew what I was going to blog about, COMPLAINTS! Just imagine, freezing, windy, by myself. I had one complaint right after the other.

But then when I stopped when I got home, I realized that I was lucky to run. No one said I couldn't, no one stopped me because I was a woman, I could have worn just shorts and a sports bra (trust me nobody wants to see that) and no one would have put me in jail. So no complaints today, nope, I am just lucky the Lord has given me the opportunity to run. Thank you Jesus.

Second, I was watching this video about this woman who ran an ultra marathon. Do you know what an ultra marathon is? 100 miles! 100 miles people! It takes about 24 hours, 100 miles!!!!!!!!! I can't even wrap my head around that. But anyway, she was running and her husband was videotaping as she would run by as she passed and she started to cry because she had been out there by herself for so long. And you know what he said to her? "You might be running alone, but you are NOT by yourself." I almost broke down right then and there and started boo-hooing.

What an amazing parallel to life! You might be by yourself but you are not alone. What a comforting thought in today's society, that Jesus is right next to you the whole way. No matter what mile you are on, no matter what valley in life you are in, no matter how alone you feel, He is with you. On some days there is nothing more comforting than that. If you let God be the author of your story, He will never let you be alone in the chapters of your life.

I wish I would have remembered that when I was complaining, swearing under my breathe and giving mean looks to little puppy dogs yesterday, (of come on give me a break, you go run 6 miles in the freezing cold! :) ). I wish I would have remembered that I am not alone, because that gives me hope at all times. Thank you Jesus for not leaving me alone.

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