Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Really funny story

Yesterday after work I headed down to Alki for a 6 mile run. I was a little nervous just because I forgot my ear band and only had my hat. And ears? They are WEAK! They can't take any wind, rain, nothing. They freeze, they make my brain freeze, bad very bad. And it was just about to rain and the wind was kicking up. I was scared. But to my amazement, through all of the wind I was just fine, so were my ears. Thank you ears for cooperating. Do you want to know what wasn't cooperating? My left leg. Injury report 2010: I now have a sting in my pinky toe in my left foot that runs up the outside of my shin. Thankfully the pain stops before my knee. It feels as though my pinky toe is broken and the pain is shooting up my leg. I did not break my pinky toe so I have no I idea what in H-E-double hockey sticks is going on! So with about a mile to go in my run I told my leg to get it together, I was running here! It didn't, but I kept running anyway to its dismay. It got back at me later, trust me.

But here is my "funny" story. This morning, my leg aching, my alarm clock blaring, I climbed out of bed at oh dark hundred hours to go to the gym and run three measly miles. I do my usual, tinkle, get dressed and put deodorant on all without opening my eyes; kiss my Jamaican sprinter goodbye and head to the gym. When I round the corner at the end of the road to hit the gym, not one car in the parking lot. Not ONE car people! Usually I am fighting people for a spot. I win usually, because they see this scary blond haired monster with black mascara smeared down its face packed into this little red beep beep car and they figure they better just let me have the spot. Thank you people, love the scary blond monster. ANYWAY!....I look towards the gym, not one light on, not one. No one in the gym. For two seconds I get excited, is today I holiday I forgot about? I run through all the holidays in my head that I think you get off from work for. But as I was running through them I realize that on all of those holidays except for Christmas the gym has been open. WHAT IS GOING ON??? I think to myself. I do not have the brain capacity this early in the morning to figure out what is going on. Ugh!

I still have no idea what happened to the gym this morning. I do know that I am very mad at the gym. Gym: Do you hear me? I AM MAD AT YOU! You get my up at oh dark hundred hours and you aren't even open. Yea gym...pissed, peeved, irritated. You got this blond monster all riled up! UGHHHHHHHHH! Are you scared, because you should be! Even if I know you will be open this afternoon. I am one angry monster!

Gym? I will see you this afternoon for a run. You better be ready for this monster to dominate you! Or just come in, run three miles and leave. But I will do it all with an angry look on my face, unless of course I run into one of my fav women at the gym, in which I will only smile at them, and the go back to being angry. Gym, I hope our relationship can be come back to it's love hate relationship instead of just the hate hate relationship we have now.

On a "brighter" note I have an 18 mile run on Sunday after church. Lord help me, literally.

Jesus, thank You so much for the ability to run and to live in a place where it is so easy to run and to live healthy. Lord thank You for giving me the resources to be able to go to a gym. Lord thank You for the ability to wear shorts, for I know in so many countries in the world that is not allowed. Lord thank You for being my best friend, constant companion and ultimate running buddy. Lord when I feel alone You are there. Thank You Lord. I love You!

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