Wednesday, July 21, 2010

People! I am so sorry I haven't blogged in a long time. It has been crazy around here and to tell you the truth I haven't had any eventful runs. I ran 7 miles last Saturday and felt great. Just an easy down and back on Alki. I thought about how I kind of missed those Saturday runs, how gross is that? I started to question if I should get a running visor for those hot days? But if you live in Seattle you know that those hot days don't start until about 3:30pm and I do almost all of my runs in the morning. I thought about Mush, my best friend since third grade. We are going to run a a half in September and how proud I was of her for stepping up to the plate to do her first. I thought about Rat, Meg and the Yenster and how much I missed running with them. Good news though! I am running the Spokane 1/2 with my little Ratty in October! Please start praying now that it is still nice weather in Eastern Washington. :) I finished my seven miles and thanked God for a good run and for great friends.

Okay I am going to jump on the crazy bus for a second. Come along with me...its fun! You have heard me say that a marathon was as far as my athletic ability would take me in my life. I made the choice for that to be the case. I would never go beyond running 26.2 miles. I would continue to run and possibly still do sprint triathlons, but after that I was choosing to not do anymore. But after my marathon I realized that a lot more was possible for my life, God willing. So I no longer think that 26.2 miles is my cap. I am not committing to anything more then keeping my hands open to what the Lord wants for my life, athletically but more importantly in what the Lord is going to hand me in life, ministry, work, service, ect. ect. ect. So yes it might sound crazy, but Ironman Triathlons are no longer a "never do" thought along with all of the other things in my life I have said no to. I refuse to make God smaller then He is. He can do anything, which is not crazy...its exciting!

After my long Saturday runs I would hobble into the shower, but not before setting up my computer in the bathroom and listening to a special on Ironman Kona, the world championships of Ironman triathlons. NBC did a special on the 2007 race that included the followings of professionals as well as regular people who were just trying to finish. It is by far one of the hardest races any athlete will ever compete in. The video is an hour and is quite inspirational for anyone training to do anything. Click here if you would like to watch. Get a tissue because there will probably be tears flowing by the end. And although I loved this video and it gave me such drive while I was training there is a part in the very beginning of the video that caught me a little off guard while first watching it, and continues to ring in my head every time I watch the video. It's within the first two minutes where they are describing the race, who the people are they will be following and how hard this race is. The narrator then says, "if you have ever wanted to see how far you can go, come here...." I get it. Trust me I understand. If you want to see how far your body can physically go, you probably should go to Kona to compete in this. However, my first thought always goes to, "if you have ever wanted to see how far you can go, come to the foot of the cross." Never have I felt more alive, felt like I could go farther in life and knew I was on the right path then when I have been at the foot of the cross. Before I trusted my life to Christ I would have never known what life could have offered. And now that I have trusted my life to Christ, the world is in color, possibilities are endless, and fear is something of the past. There are days and even months that are hard, but I know that when I am at the foot of the cross God has an amazing journey for me. God has delivered me and continues to from heartache into His light. At the foot of the cross life is no longer hopeless and dark. At the foot of the cross there are still hard times and mountains to climb, however there is an never ending supply of hope, light and a path that has been clearly marked by our creator and savior.

I want to know how far I can go with Jesus Christ as my driver. I will be at the foot of the cross.

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