Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fire, sweat, oh my!

Today was a hard hard day to run. I hopped on the torcher chamber, I mean treadmill, and started off on my run. I have some new sneakers so I was testing them out. I always run a couple of times in a pair of shoes before I decide if they are keepers. Does that make me a bad person, if I return them? Hmmm, probably huh? As I started running my legs would not fire, they refused to get going. Usually the first mile or so it hurts a little bit, as my legs decide to wake up and join the rest of my body on the run, but not this morning. They were screaming at me to stop. I told them to pipe down and keep running, but nope they killed. So at 2.5 miles I stopped. I can count on one hand how many times I have stopped short of my goal run, but this morning it just wasn't in the cards. And you know what made me most mad? I was watching the Today Show and they were about to explain why Bristol Palin and her weirdo boyfriend broke up for the millionth time! But I missed it because I couldn't keep running! Ugh! Oh the small joys in the life! :)

I ran on Monday, an 8 miler in the HEAT! I know I am from Seattle and anything above 70 is a heat wave and everyone runs to Home Depot to by an AC unit and that in the winter we get one snow flake and all of the city gets shut down, but Monday was HOT. I started running and I almost started sweating immediately. And I am no girl no. Have you met my father? Have you seen him after a run....N.A.S.T.Y. I got his genes. I am so nasty sick I almost can't handle it. I knew I was in trouble when at mile 4ish, right as I was about to turn around I went to wipe sweat from some part of my body and it felt like sand paper...uh oh....SALTING. How was I already salting at mile 4? I love salting...I think it is kind of cool. Again, I am a "runner," I start at gross. I was running, now to just find a water fountain. I found one and finished up my 8 miler, feeling slow and sluggish. I didn't even want to look at my watch to see my time. Uh it was going to be bad. Until I looked at it and it wasn't bad at all! 1 hour 12 minutes. A 9min 2 sec pace. HA! Love it when that happens!

I was reading a blog post the other day from my pastor. The man is brilliant, so sometimes it takes a LOT of thinking and a couple read throughs to be able to completely get what he is saying. But this last one was all about goals he had set out for himself and how most of those goals never came true, but what was so exciting was that the life that designed for him, instead of those goals was far more interesting, fun, challenging, rewarding, Christ centered and loving then he would have ever designed for himself. And the one and only person to thank for that was Jesus. Then at the end of his post he left it with, "Thank you Jesus for the life, I have yet to live and the adventure that awaits as I follow in Your footsteps!" Wow! To pray for the future like that, to know that the life He designed is far more then we could ever plan for ourselves. I am putting that prayer on a sticky note, and sticking it on the bathroom mirror so that everyday I will not forget to thank my Savior for the adventure that awaits.

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  1. That's a great idea. It's so easy to worry about the future and what will come of us. This is a much more positive alternative! :)