Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh Hipidiy Hip Hop

Well two things today. Okay three. Okay four. No just joking three. NOOOOO four. Oh gosh stop reading now, trust me, this might get a little pathetic before you know it.

1. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR FRIDAY! WOW! What a week. I am so so so happy for Friday. And I think, I think I might actually see blue sky. What in the wild wild world of sports is goin' on here? Oh yea, it's May 13 and we should be seeing a lot more blue sky then we have been. However, when that happens and you do see blue sky it makes you smile that much more.

2. So there has been some damage done on my body. Remember when I wrote my body a letter while ago, begging it to stay with me? Yea, it hasn't. It hasn't completely gone south, but there are signs that this is going to be a fight. My hip flexers are rebelling against me. I have asked them nicely to stop bugging me and they just bugged me more. This morning while trying to put on my skirt for work I almost started crying because It hurt so bad to lift my left leg. And oh man, you should have seen me trying to put my boots on. I even started laughing at one point. The increase of mileage, hills, speed work, ect. have taken a toll and my body is trying to catch up. It is even more important to take rest days and keep strength training and stretching. Also, on my cross training days I am going to start swimming at the gym. I am going to be a little fishy. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." Name that movie. Anywho, back to my hip, I have done some research on the good ol' world wide web, you know the most truth telling place, NOT, and it says that it will go away, just not quickly. Awesome.

3. For the last couple months I have felt overcome by how much God is protecting AA and I from situations. He says no to things and yes to other things that might frustrate us at the time, but then give it a week, day or heck even an hour and it is so clear that God has His protective wing over us, guiding us the right way. It has been such a blessing to feel that and be a part of it.

4. I may or may not have a problem. For some reason I am having a really hard time running outside these days. Even when the weather is nice out I still don't want to. I like my treadmill, the perfect 69 degrees the gym is and that Oprah is on while I run. I need to break this habit FAST or I will be in trouble!!

And lastly...okay okay I know I said I would only have four but I am throwing on more in there.

5. I get to see these girls tonight, all at once, under one roof. You have NO idea how excited I am.

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