Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm still here!

Hello, hello, hello!!!! I haven't left you....nope not one bit. I am still here, I just haven't had anything profound to say lately. I have stuck to my training schedule pretty well and have tried to get some more outside runs in lately. You know me, I hate being cold, and well here in Seattle it is still FREEZINGGGGGGG! On my last run here were some of the things I thought about:
1. Sun sun sunnnnnn!!!!!
2. Thank you Jesus for today.
3. What color tutu will we wear in September?
4. Oh my hip hurts...oh ouh, oh oh....
5. Brrrr....wind is faster to be in the sun.
6. Wow AA and I have been married two years at the end of this month, two amazing years.
7. I need to call Rat.
8. I need to call Pig.
9. I need to call Yenster.
10. I need to call Megaruu
11. WOW, I suck at calling people.
12. I wish I had a pen.
13. Thank you Jesus
14. I wonder how Kate is doing? (as in sister...not princess. However my sister is a princess. :) )
15. Jesus help me up this hill....POWER POWER!!
Well I am off for now. Double run this weekend, an amazing date with Jesus tomorrow and then a fun mother's day on the schedule.
Love you all! I pray for you guys...I hope you know that.

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