Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Matthew Monday (aka Tuesday)

Hi everyone! Sorry this is a day late. Last night was cut short due to a long, long day at work for both AA and I. We both got home about 30 minutes apart from each other and pretty much collapsed on the couch. We both tried to read, but that was just too much for our brains. We hit the hay pretty early last night.

Side note: AA got up WAY TO EARLY this morning to get to work. He has a special meeting today at 2pm (I will chat about this later, in the coming weeks), so he needed to get there super early so he could leave early. And as most of you know I am pretty much dead to the world until about 6:45-7:00ish when my alarm blares and the daily struggle of "go to the gym" "no don't go to the gym" "no GET OUT OF BED AND GO TO THE GYM!" "but ohhh I feel so fabulous wrapped up in here." ANYWAY, he always comes over says goodbye and gives me a kiss. This morning was not pretty. I woke up to him giving me a kiss goodbye and my mouth was WIDE OPEN AND I WAS DROOLING! OH MY GOSH! How that man loves me I have no idea, but I am sure thankful he does. :)

Here we go....MATTHEW MONDAY (TUESDAY...whatever)

Matthew 9: 18-26

-A synagogue leader told Jesus that his daughter had just died, but if He came and touched her, she would be alive.
-Jesus went with the leaders and the disciples followed.
-On the way, a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years came up and touched Jesus' cloak and said to herself, "if only I can touch a part of Him, I will be healed."
-Jesus saw her and told her that her faith had healed her and the woman was healed at that very moment.
-When Jesus entered the house of the leader he saw all the commotion.
-He told them to go away, that the girl was not dead, but asleep.
-Jesus put his hand on her and she got up.
-News spread throughout the region.

So what:
-Jesus comforted the bleeding woman. She was a faithful woman and it took courage for her to even touch Jesus and have the faith that He would heal her. Jesus acknowledged this and healed her.
-When Jesus arrived at the house, there was gossiping and people there just to get the news, about what was happening in their "neighborhood."
-Miracles are real and only through Jesus.
-Jesus has ultimate authority over death. We can see this here with the girl and with Hi conquering death on the cross.
-Jesus has the authority to restore life in all of us.
-By touching the woman who was bleeding, was a clear illustration that Jesus cleans the uncleanness and messiness of this world.
-She was made whole by His touch.

Now what:


I need you. Lord Jesus I am a broken, an unclean person who can only be filled by You. I can only be made clean and whole by Your touch in my life. Lord Jesus, the only person that can make me whole is YOU! Lord I pray that as I struggle with wanting to feel worth from people, that you are reminding me and comforting me that it is only You who can fill that space in my heart. Lord that I am reminded that it is not people who saved me from eternal death, but it was You upon that cross. It is You who makes me clean and mends my heart. It is You Lord who I serve and that You have given me the opportunity to live in Your story that You are writing for my life.

I love you Jesus. Amen.

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