Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things I know for sure...

1. There is absolutely no way in this world that I could function without Jesus. I try, sinfully, and fail, miserably.
2. I am really glad to have my sister home.
3. Having new friends is fun!
4. Chelan is more amazing then I remember, especially with old friends.
5. Marriage is hard. But worth it.
6. The more open handed I am to God the more I can be used by Him. "So just be open handed Shelby" Easier said then done sometimes.
7. I really, really, REALLY like be healthy (for the most part) again.
8. Running is WAY easier without PE. Duh.
9. Psalm 63 is just what I needed tonight.
10. I still have love handles. They say "what up."
11. My fav new Ben and Jerry's is Chubby Hubby. Hmmm....this might have a strange correlation to #10?
12. Disneyland Half is getting closer and closer and I am getting more and more excited.
13. God gives us blessings, that we don't deserve, to enjoy and to make His name more glorified. That is what we are hoping to do on Aug 26 with our new blessing.
14. I am really excited for Pioneer Woman's new show!
15. Go back to #1. :)

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