Friday, June 24, 2011

3 Things Friday

WOW! Here we go. This is an AMAZING 3 thing Friday!

1. So I woke up this morning knowing I had an easy 2.5 mile run to shake out my legs before 14 miles tomorrow. I was a little sad I didn't sign up for Rock N Roll tomorrow, but the budget only always so many races and well I would just have to get over it! But then...a blog I followed knew someone that knew someone that was giving her bib away (she is!). So I emailed her right away begging for her bib. No answer 4 hours later, so I just figured it would be me and Beyonce on my 14 mile run tomorrow. I had to drive by Qwest, Century Link, whatever the heck it's name is, twice today! I was getting some serious runners envy as I saw every leaving with their packets of stuff and the finish line being put up. But I gave it to God, "God if you want me to run tomorrow, make it happen, if not, I'm cool with that." And what the heck do you know? I called my boss to chat with her about some work stuff and then I remembered to ask her if she was running tomorrow. She said no and that she was selling her bib! HOLD THE PHONE! "I WILL BUY YOUR BIB!" I screamed! She then told me no, no she would not let me buy it, but that she was giving it to me as a gift! HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!! After a 1001 "are you sure's" it was finalized. I go pick up her bib in an hour! AHHHH!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Half marathon #8 here I come. Slowly I will get to the finish line, but I don't care. I'm excited! Rock n Roll's are the best marathons around!

2. What can top #1? Oh yea I have something! KB reunion tonight! Gosh this day keeps getting better and better! Yup Pig, Rat and Megaruu and coming over for din din. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

3. I think I need to stop doing yoga on Thursdays with my office. I feel broken after every time. This 6'0'' girl is not meant to bend like that. NO NO NO!

Anywho, if you think of it, pray for me! I will have about 2 hours to pray for all of you tomorrow, and I will be! And when I start to get a little out of it, I will look up. Read about looking up here. It is such a good lesson and practice.

I love you guys!

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  1. Wow-I know how happy you must be to be running the Rock & Roll Shelby! Have fun! You'll do great, the weather will be perfect, and now for sure you will need a bigger bulletin board! Love ya.