Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Latelies

It's my first Thursday Latelies! YAY! Click here to check it out!!
Let me know what you think and what you are thankful for!


  1. Yay! Love "Heaven is for Real" ... so glad you are reading it! Not to give it away but there is a section is the book that had my bawling ... I am sure you can guess which one when you are done! Also love the dairy industry plug ... way to go Shelbs! Have fun at the farm this weekend. Wish we could be there too! Love, love, love to you!

  2. HI there, Thank you so much for linking up!
    You're so sweet and full of joy!
    You're not the last to hear of that book, I haven't until now ;)
    LOL, I'm thankful for whipping cream! How fun that your fam is dairy farmers, I bet that they make some fantastic ice cream ;).

    I'm glad that you linked up this week. Thank you for sharing your thanks with us.
    See you next week.