Friday, July 1, 2011

3 Things Friday...oops forgot to post this!! :)

1. Hello weekend! Well first we need to get through today. And when I say we I mean I need to get through 4 hours worth of class with 60 5-6 year olds swinging medal sticks, also known as golf clubs. Pray for me.

2. It's a double run day today. Yesterday I couldn't tough it out through my seven miler, so this morning I was up with the chickens to finish off the last couple miles. Then tonight after work I will do tomorrow's run, because we leave at o'dark hundred for....

3. SUMMER WEDDING TOUR 2011 starts with a wedding in Colfax! It's another summer on the road for AA and myself, as we pack the little red beep beep car and take witness to our friends and family making a commitment to each other and more importantly God. We feel so blessed to be able "to go on tour" this summer. Last summer we had 5 tour date stops, this summer we only have 4 on the far!

Have a happy 4th! Thank you Jesus for America and the freedoms we get to celebrate because we live here.

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