Sunday, July 10, 2011

Matthew Monday #3

Hi peeps! How are you? If you read this blog, I probably know you, aka pray for you. Please please please let me know how I can pray for you. Anything big and small matters to God, and matters to me, so I want to pray for YOU!

We are now in our third week of Matthew Monday. Can you believe it? I am still loving Matthew and all it is teaching me. This week was something that hit my heart pretty hard and has a great everyday implications. Also, this is just a little reminder that this is how God spoke to me in this scripture, and what is so awesome about God's Word is that it speaks to so many people is so many different ways. I am no Bible scholar, this is just what I felt like God has been teaching me. So here we go....

Matthew 5:21-26


-People were told that you shouldn't murder and if you do you will be subject to murder
-Jesus telling something that even if you are angry at someone you will be judged
-Jesus saying if you have an offering and you remember that someone has something against you, you have to make the effort to go and make up
-You need to settle it quickly
-Jesus telling is that we will not get out of punishment until you have paid the last penny.

So what:
-If you are angry with someone you are pretty much murdering them
-If you bad mouth someone you can find yourself being judged
-Simple moral fact is that words DO kill
-Go make peace then come to God
-We need to make the first move in apologizing
-If you leave it to the other person it could never happen

Now what:
-I need to stop bad mouthing people, talking about people in anyway that is not uplifting
-I need to being hyper aware of my thoughts, giving those to God as I would actual spoken word


Please have patience with me. This is something, that at times I have no idea I am even doing. Help me Lord be aware of what I am saying, how I am saying it and how I can be more like you in my thoughts and spoken word. Lord I want the people around me to see YOU and not my disgusting mouth.

Thank you Jesus, I love you. Amen

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