Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

We are having so much fun this weekend, so Matthew Mondays this week will become Matthew Tuesday.

Happy 4th of July from AA and I!
A $5 Stabs card will be awarded for the first person to guess where we are in this picture taken today. If you were with us today you are disqualified from this competition. Sorry Linda. You also must be a follower of this blog to win. No entries past Thursday at noon. Winners will be announced Thursday evening!


  1. I know, I know!!! ... but I think I am disqualified too since Mom told me what you did this weekend. Bummer! Love that beach up in the NORTH by that large overpass ;o)

  2. Come on people-Guess! It's not that hard!You don't want to miss out on a Starbucks card!