Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Matthew Monday...I mean Tuesday...I mean Monday...

Oh gosh this week has been so insanely busy and it is only Tuesday! But I am still loving learning so much from God and what He teaches through Matthew. These lessons have been eye opening, jaw dropping and just plain good. It is amazing what you can learn when you rely on the word...ONLY! I am such a Bible study book, devotional, ect freak. And yes those things are good....great at times! But I was becoming too dependant on them. So this study is helping me rely solely on what God has said and breathed.

Here we go...Matthew Monday (Tuesday) #2

Matthew 5: 13-16


-Jesus is telling someone they are the salt of the earth
-Talks about losing your saltiness
-Poses the question on how it can become salty yet again
-The salt is no longer good
-Thrown out to be trampled by man
-Telling someone they are the light of the world
-A city on the hill cannot be hidden
-No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl
-They put it on a stand so everyone can see
-It gives light to everyone in the house
-Jesus telling someone to let their light shine to those around him
-And the reason is:
-So they can see your good deed
-Praise be to God

So what:

-God telling is to be the seasoning that bring the flavor of God out.
-If you lose "your salt" how will people taste God in you?
-If you lose your salt can you still be useful in God's story?
-You are here to be a light, so people can see the invisible God visible.
-We want God to be seen!
-God is telling is if He is going to make us light bearers, he is putting us on a stand...SO EVERYONE CAN SEE!
-Bold sharing of the gospel
-Oh the list could go on and on!!

Now what:

I need to be a light, a light that God wants to put on a stand. I want people to look at me and automatically see Jesus, or to know that something is different about me, then other people. I don't want it to be legalistic in anyway, but in a true sense of the meaning. That God would be so intertwined in my life, so filling my heart, soul and life that it literally pours out of me. I so want people to come to know Jesus, and it is my job to be the light bearer, to bring them the Good News.

God I want to be your light bearer. I am Yours God. Take me, transform me and use me. I love you Jesus!

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