Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Race Report...plus things to come!

Okay okay okay, here we go with the race report! I haven't been too excited about doing this race report but I also am so excited to have another half marathon under my belt. I am going to do this a little different..."the good, the bad and the ugly."

The Good:

1. Running in an all women's race is sooo much fun! Everyone was supporting, loving and complimenting each other! It was GREAT! Seeing the leaders come by, and it was all women...oh man, I mean woman, I mean man, whatever....IT WAS AWESOME! :)
2. Running a race with my best friend since third grade is always so fun. She had a smile on her face the whole way, especially when she passed me with a mile and a half to go! :)
3. AA, returned as official race photographer and supporter, so it was so nice to see him every couple miles.
4. My second, third and forth miles were right on pace which felt great.
5. Running into Mel and her sister, who was running her first half marathon was really fun!

The Bad:

1. My GU exploded all over my shirt in the last 2 miles. Ugh!
2. The finish had a last little up hill which was not so fun.
3. The course could have been so much better. It was through so many trails and industrial areas and so packed at times.
4. I couldn't get into the pace I wanted to in the last few miles which was really disappointing. I was on vacation for the last couple days so that could have had something to do with it. Who knows.
5. The expo was not so good. So small and not very many vendors. This could be huge, so I bet in future years they will expand it.

The Ugly:

1. The start was HORRIBLE! There was no wave start, there was no time starts and it started on a trail. I couldn't hit my stride and had a really bad start. I ran a little over a 10 minute mile on the first mile, because I couldn't get it going.
2. The hills on the course. WAY TO STEEP of downhill, in comparison to the gradual LONG up hill.
3. My disappointment at the end. I am a little sad I didn't break two hours, but really, who cares? All of yesterday I contemplated where to go from here. "Why should I keep running if I am not improving all that much." Can you tell I am a competive person? I was continually comparing myseld to others (more on this later and what Jesus is teaching me) and beating myself up. But that is so stupid!! Where am I going from here? I am going straight to the treadmill and the road to continue training for Disney! I need to get my booty out there with a smile on my face and get to movin'! No more of this whining, crying stuff. I am truckin' it now and will continue to run and be so thankful and joyful that I have the opportunity and ability to run. And that I can share my faith while running and through running. I need to focus on the GOOD STUFF!

Next up...I am running with this girl...in this place! OH MAN AM I EXCITED!

And it will be my 10th half marathon! We might just wear a tutu and crown! :)

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  1. Great attitude Shelby. Well now it's obvious that your time wasn't what you wanted because of the bad course! Disney will be so much better and more fun too. :o)