Sunday, July 10, 2011

3 things Sunday

Ugh I know people! I missed two days if my 30 consecutive days of blogging but sometimes, no all the time, family, husband, QT with the Big Guy, ect. win out over blogging. Sorry, but it's true. So without further rambling here is 3 thing Sunday!

1. I am currently on my way back from Spokane where we got to witness friends trying the knot! It was a great (short) trip to see college friends and hey, we even got to sneak in some pool time before the wedding. AA told me "just close your eyes and pretend your in Hawaii...not Spokane." hahaha!

2. I snuck in a run yesterday at o dark hundred hours before we left at 7:30am. I am practicing running "like I stole something" for the last half a mile or so on the way home, just in case I am crunched for time during my next race and I want to get to that finish line. Who knows what my face looks like in those last couple minutes...all I ain't pretty!

3. We are officially a week out from what is supposed to be my A race. More on the "supposed" to be later this week. But I am excited to race again and do it with family and friends!!

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