Sunday, January 30, 2011

As some of you know, confidence in running (and maybe some other things) have been lacking. Mostly because I have been sick. But I have been feeling a lot better, so AA and I set out to run an easy peasy 5 miles yesterday after church and our meetings. Well let me tell you one thing people...this run was neither easy nor peasy (whatever that means). We knew the minute we got down to Alki that this was going to be hard. The water was Arctic blue and to say there were white caps would be an understatement. The wind was whipping through there stronger then I have ever seen it. But we put out nose to the ground and set off. It was hard to catch our breath and even get warm. It was 30 degrees with a 25 mph head wind. Lovely. We got to a mile and a half and we decided to turn around and have the wind at our backs. Oh wow! What a difference. We got back to our start point but still had 2 miles to go. We thought if we would go off the water into the neighborhood that would be better. NOT! We cruised for a mile and then turned around and the wind was worse then before. At one point I stopped and bent down because it was just way to cold. AA of course was an amazing man and encouraged me. He said he is taking advantage of me not being in my top form, "come on Shelby, keep going", "no it's okay Shelby we can go slower." Ha! I love it!

Well we finally finished, my head felt like it was going to explode, I mean literally, eyes popping out of my head. We both decided that was one of the dumbest things we have done in a long time. Got home, took a shower, finally warmed up to a normal temp, made some dinner, had my dad, Liesl and Nick over and then watched the COUGS kick some Husky butt! YAY! Sounds like a pretty awesome night to me!

I might be starting a new series on here; key word maybe. So keep your eyes out for that! For now let me remind you that I love ya, but Jesus loves you more!!

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