Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who am I?

First, do you like the new layout? I figured I would spice things up a little, because, well you know, I'm spicy? Anyway, this font is called "covered by grace." I almost fell off my chair right then and there. I love it! Now every time I look at this blog I will be reminded of what I truly am, covered by the grace Jesus has given me.

I am reading this book right now, and loving it. It is eye opening, heart breaking and overall great reminder to live as Jesus wants us to live, not because He tells us to, but because we have a relationship with Him. I was reading today and came across a great line, "I learned to equate what I did with who I was." I started to think about what that meant in my life. The chapter was talking about the past sin in our life and how we can equate some of the sinful things we have done with actually who we are as people. But as I started to think more about it, I started to think about the titles I put on my life: wife, sister, friend, runner, ect. And I started to wonder, are those titles overshadowing the one title that defines my life, Christ follower? I hope not, and after reading this I will make stronger efforts for that not to happen. What a good reminder for a Wednesday.


  1. Shelby,
    Your new format is gorgeous as is this font! How cool is that..."covered by grace" :o)
    Way to go you two for training together and serving Jesus together.

  2. Love the new blog look!! Nice work! So glad you are back to blogging ... I have been faithfully checking and was super excited about the 2 new posts I found today. Love you sister!

    Lv, Sara