Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just some thoughts

At church on Sunday morning I was taking notes on Richard's sermon about being fully transformed when we accept Jesus in our hearts. With a pen in one hand and my Bible and notes in another I looked at the underside of my wrist. It was so plain, so white, just some horrible florescent like blue veins running through. I decided it needed a little "decoration," maybe in the form of a tattoo? No not a real one (stop having a heart attack dad). But I felt inspired, so with my pen I wrote "JC" in a small font right where my wrist meets my hand. JC standing for Jesus Christ. I don't know why I put that, I was just inspired with this continued journey that we all go through to be more and more like Jesus. And oh how I needed that little reminder of Jesus later on that day.

After church, what has became the normal routine, was put into action: grocery store, small bite to eat, off the run. I was up for another 10 miles. "Oh joy" I thought, "10 glorious miles". Then I thought of my Meggie who used to tell me she would run 10 miles to get ready for half marathons, so she inspired me. Thanks Meg! I set off for my normal 10 mile loop. With a half egg roll in my belly I was ready to roll...NOT! Then I caught a glimpse of my wrist, JC. And I remembered, "Through Jesus all things are possible." So I kept running. The normal hills hurt, my hands tingled at mile 4.5 like they always do, forcing me to strip my gloves off causing another glimpse of JC. "Through Jesus all things are possible," I kept thinking. Mile 6 I was done, until I saw my Jamaican runner of a husband. He was ready to run the last 4 miles with me, he said I looked great....LIE! But the JC was magnified on my wrist at that point, "keep going" I thought. So I did, often to crying out to Aaron that I couldn't. "Through Jesus all things are possible," was the constant thought screaming out at me.

At one point I started to freak out. I think this was at mile 8.5, only a mile and half from home. I said out loud what was running through my mind the whole time, "If I can barely do this, there is no way I am going to be able to run a FULL marathon." My Jamaican runner of a husband heard me and turned around and told me "later Shelbs this will just feel like a warm-up!" OH MY GOSH! If this is going to be my warm-up I am so DUNZO! I almost started to laugh at that point, but I was reminded quickly of when I used to try to make my Ratty laugh when we would go on runs, and she would scream at me, "stop trying to make me laugh! It takes too much energy to laugh! Stop it!" Good advice Ratty, no laughing, too much energy.

But before I knew it, I was back at home, riding the elevator to our apartment. I made sure I stretched (bad experience the Friday before with 6 miles, no stretching....crying ensued 3 hours later). I then proceeded to eat like a cow. I need to figure out how NOT to eat like a cow after these runs, or I will start to look like a cow, great legs and HUGE everywhere else. Not good! After eating, eating and more eating I hobbled to the shower, and basically fell in. And yet again I caught another glimpse of JC. And again I thought, "Through Jesus all things are possible."

Wow, maybe I should get a tattoo of "JC" on my wrist. Maybe I should freaking get it tattooed on my forehead. Because if I could remember "through Jesus all things are possible" that many times during my hour and half run, how many times could I remember it if it were there all the time? And no I am not going to get a tattoo, but I do need to remember that way more often then I do. Through hard times at work, in relationships, ect. Even through great things, Jesus' all encompassing power needs to be in the forefront of my mind.

I looked up what the definition of amazing was and here is what it says, "So remarkable as to elicit disbelief." If you take that definition and say that Jesus has amazing power in all circumstances I think we would all get a better understanding of just who He is. "Through Jesus all things are possible." Wow, thank You Jesus for who You are to me and to the rest of this world. Thank You!
Just some thoughts I had today...

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