Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank you...

This morning before I climbed onto the treadmill I shuffled through all of the magazines at the gym. Today the racks were especially full. They must have known it was my birthday because I found TWO juicy, gossipy magazines. Yes these magazines are my guilty pleasure that I read only at the gym. Runs are a whole lot easier when you are reading about the latest trends or who married who. Who really cares, right? Right, but boy oh boy does it make miles go by a lot faster!

Birthdays are a weird thing as you get older. You start to realize all the people that have helped you get to where you are at this certain birthday; all the sacrifices people made to make sure you were happy and taken care of all of these years. It is a bit overwhelming when you start to process the love, patience, support and guidance that was given to get you to the next birthday.

But there are two people who deserve the most thanks. My mom and dad, 24 years ago today, welcomed me into this world and dedicated their lives to making sure I was well taken care of and loved. They taught me self respect, how to love others, to chase after your dreams and to listen to God. And one of the greatest things they did on birthdays was to make sure that I felt special. They never took birthdays for granted and always made sure to celebrate them in the biggest way.

It is clear that I would not be who I am today without the love and support that mom and dad offered me. So on my birthday I want to thank them for raising me. For helping me and supporting me. For giving me an amazing sister. For teaching me what it looks like to be a good spouse. And simply for loving me. There are millions of children around the world that don't have the parents that I did and and I don't want to miss this moment to thank them. And to thank Christ who knew they were my parents before even they knew.

Birthdays are great; they make you turn your head to the sky get down on your knees and thank our Savior that we are saved. And also loved by our parents here on earth and our father in Heaven.

Thank you mom, dad and Dad! I love you!

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