Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sorry! I am back!

After a three day break of no running, I climbed onto the treadmill this morning for a three mile wake up call. I am not even sure my eyes were open, maybe just little slits so I could see the magazine in front of me. By the way, that is one of the nicest things about running on a treadmill, you can flip the TV to whatever channel you want, my usual choice, Joyce and Brad on King 5 News, and sweat all over a gossip magazine. These are probably the only two benefits of running on a treadmill, yes I actually know those are the only two.

Last Friday I thought I would run my long run after work, so I wouldn't have to do it on Saturday. A and I had a fun day planned and I didn't want running to ruin it, because it would have. Trust me, it just would have. So after work I take a peek outside...POURING RAIN...I mean dumping. I literally stood in my hallway contemplating just going to the gym or actually going out in that monsoon for 5 minutes. And then I heard a little birdy, "if it is pouring on race day, you still have to run it." FINE little birdy I will go out and freeze and get drenched. Oh yay I can't wait!

But sure enough, ten minutes later I was layered and layered again in clothing and started out on my run. 10 miles, not too shabby, but I wanted to change my course. I am so bored with my usual route. So as I continued to get more and more wet I approached the Admiral Junction in WS took a Larry (aka Left) and headed down toward Alki. As I started running down this wonderful mile long hill I knew I was in trouble for getting back UP to the Admrial Junction. But I couldn't think about that now, I was too busy dodging branches, leaves, and rocking out to "Single Ladies". :) Then all of a sudden, no more rain, SUNSHINE! What in the H-E-Double hockey sticks is going on here, I thought. So of course, I started to sweat like a mad woman, because of my so many layers. I got down to Alki ran along the path and took a Ralph (aka Right) on California, the .5 mile MOUNTAIN! I decided I would walk up the hill so my shins didn't split right in half, because they would have. And as soon as I started walking, DOWN POUR AGAIN! It was raining so much harder then the last time. Oh boy, now what do I do? I got to the top, thought about the Nike shirt I saw "If I stop running how will I get home?" and started running. Side note: I did actually calculate how long it would take A to take the bus home, get in his truck and come and get me if I sat in the Starbucks next to the top of hill. At the end of calculations I figured out I could run 5 more miles and still beat him home. The rain was so bad it got in my eyes and was making my mascara run down my face. I knew I was looking extra sexy when the woman running on the OTHER side of the road did a double take of me. Nothing like a jolly green giant looking like a drowned rat, plus mascara running down my face, PRICELESS.

I finished 8 miles. At mile 8 I was right next to my house, the plan was to keep going and make a 2 mile loop, but there was no more gas in my tank. The rain had taken it all away.

Someone once told me, you don't need endurance until you feel like quitting. Wow does that ever ring true in my life! Running and my relationship with Jesus hold those to be most true. As you have read, I pretty much contemplate quitting running every mile of every run. I am usually so mentally exhausted by then end of my runs because of this daily fight that happens in my head, "quit, don't quit, quit, don't quit". Oh sometimes it's too much!

Although I have never thought to myself, "I am going to quit my relationship with Jesus" I sure do dumb stuff, sinful stuff that would make that seem like that is what I am doing. We all will have this amazing LONG term relationship with Jesus and at times it will be so hard, the devil will be so persistence that it doesn't feel like you have any other option then to just stop, to live as the world lives.

But let me tell you something, I don't know much, but I do know this, hope never fails. Jesus is the ultimate hope. When the world has been turned dark, Jesus is our hope. When nothing seems to be like it is, Jesus is our hope. No matter how much you love someone and trust them, Jesus loves you more. Jesus reminds us to have endurance and to have hope in Him. Oh such a good lesson on this Tuesday! LOVE IT!

I love you Jesus!

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