Monday, April 18, 2011

Holy Week

Yesterday was the start of holy week. I have never thought much about Palm Sunday, but this year, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The following was something I read about Palm Sunday, it shook me to my core and help me feel, even more, the importance of this week. Enjoy!

"There is something wrong with our picture of Palm Sunday. The jubilant crowds, their cloaks laid across a roadway strewn in palm fronds, shouts for joy as Christ rides into Jerusalem. It's a bright moment, but perhaps it's too bright; it's colorful, but maybe too colorful. The smiles are too wide, the emotion too saccharine. This is not to say that the welcome is ingenuine, but that its intensity belies a collective ignorance as to what Christ's entry into Jerusalem truly means.

We shout for jot to welcome the coming of our King because we believe that His arrival will spell the end of our woes, and we each have a specific agenda for His reign. Every cloak and palm frond laid in the road-every shout of Hosanna!- stands as testimony to these personal desires. We want Christ to fix our world, our broken lives and broken families, to right all that we deem to be wrong. But, however intensely of the coming Kingdom. The kind that we want is vastly overshadowed by the King we truly need.

We welcome Christ at the gates of Jerusalem because we foolishly believe this is be the end of the journey, that having arrived, Christ will begin to set things right. However, the Palm Sunday road does not end at the gates of Jerusalem. Rather, it ends at a spot just outside of the city walls, at a place called Golgotha, and it will ultimately require that we lay down something far more dear than our cloaks."

I welcome all of your thoughts on this passage and the holy week! Do you consider yourself a part of God's story? What does the Holy week/Good Friday/Easter mean to you?

I love ya, but Jesus loves ya more!

PS....the official "break two hours at See Jane Run Half kick your butt and feel like you might die" training plan starts this weekend with 8 miles. Yea you read that right. Training STARTS with 8 miles. OH MY GOODNESS!

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