Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where have I been?

Who knows?! After getting back from Dallas we have been trying to get into the swing of things again. We sure do miss 85 degree days. Currently I am looking out at the rain and wind. Awesome. Come on spring!!! Get here already! On a positive note, everything is nice and green. :) I learned so much from the last half marathon and everything that preceded it. I feel so blessed to have learned the lessons and have a better appreciation for my body and health. I have a new, pretty intense half marathon training plan for the See Jane Run half marathon I am doing in July. It looks overwhelming and hard, but gosh darnit I want to break two hours!!! I have been trying some of the workouts (because I don't technically start training for a couple more weeks) and they have been going great! They are different, but feeling good. Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed by something? Have you looked at a challenge and thought....wow boy, this is going to be hard. AA and I are trying to make some pretty hard decisions these days and we are constantly praying for God's direction. But man oh man do the decisions and situations continue to build and the overwhelming, panicking, I'M DROWNING feeling keeps setting it. Of course not for AA, just for the over emotional me. I have been so overwhelmed lately that I don't event know what to pray. But then I remember a great sermon I heard about being overwhelmed and when you don't know what to pray, just pray "Jesus." He hears you, he knows exactly what you are thinking and needing. It is a recognition that you know He is in control and that He is the driver of your life. So with that reminder.... Jesus!


  1. Shelby-I'm sorry to hear you're overwhelmed.
    I'm praying for you guys that God gives you the perfect house. And I'll pray for whatever else is stressing you ok? Love you!

  2. I can relate in a lot of ways about feeling overwhelmed. In the last three weeks we were evacuated out of Japan with 9 hours notice, bought a house, and I started working... I cannot even begin the list of doubts, questions, and bitterness I have had... Many of my prayers have just been, 'Jesus.' Or even, 'Lord, you know the words my heart and soul need to say even when I dont. Thank you for knowing me Jesus.' I thank the Lord for my husband too, that at least I have one other person that truly gets it.

    Praying for you in this time of feeling like you are 'drowning.' Praying you'll have confidence and peace despite the unknown, and that you'll find comfort in remembering that our Lord and Savior does indeed know. :)