Friday, January 8, 2010

Got the go get it girl!

Today at 5:35am my alarm went off. EWWWW! I rolled over, and to my amazement my doting husband was still sound asleep. He seemed dead to the world. I got a little worried, so I poked him with my foot and proceeded to make sure he was still living. He was, thank goodness! You see when my alarm goes off at that horrible hour to go running and see all of my favorite peeps at the gym (I will explain in a later post), A has already been up for close to an hour, already at gym...DOUBLE EWWWW! So this morning, if he wasn't going to the gym to run, either was I! Moral of the story, no running today, a welcome day off from running everyday this week.

With no update on running, let me brag about all the amazing "gear" I got for Christmas. Family and friends knew training was going to get insane with this whole marathon thing coming up (again, what am I doing?) so it was a running themed Christmas! It is fair to say that I am one of the wimpiest runners ever. If it's running outside. If it is windy...nope, no running outside. Snow? Oh heck no! Excpet for that one time whenI got caught in the snow a million miles away from my house in Pullman. I came back crying, tears frozen to my cheeks, no surpirse there! But the truth of the matter is, running long miles on a treadmill is impossible, so I have to buck up, get my head into the game, get my prayers ready and head out to the dark, grey, rainy abyss to get my run on! And now I have the gear to help protect me from the horrible Seattle weather. In my running package of goodies I got Lululemon running gloves and running ear band protector. If you haven't heard of Lululemon please find out about them! They are a yoga clothing store that has now started to do running gear. They are extremely pricey but you can hit their outlets up for a cheaper deal. The clothes are made perfectly for a women's body in fun bright colors. Love it! I also received some great running pants. The pants I had before these were so thin that it felt like I was wearing nothing. Not good when the wind and rain are coming at you sideways! These new Nike running pants are great, with breathable pockets near the knees and zippers in the back. I also got a great running skull cap. The best part about this skull has a ponytail hole in the back. This is good, it helps remind people you are a GIRL! When you get all bundled up, with no makeup on (a scary sight in and of itself) and all your hair is underneath a skullcap, I'm sorry but you can be mistaken for a boy. Especially me, because I got the genes of Jolly the Green Giant. So yes people I am a girl, look at my ponytail flying in the back of my skull cap and hear me roar! :) A Nike thermal half zip jacket was also under the tree along with another pair of running capris.

Two of the coolest gadgets I got this year were my new Nike Running Band as well as the new iPod Shuffle. The Running Band is essentially a running watch that keeps track of my miles, my pace (slow!), the total time and the actual time. What is so great about it is you can unplug the face of the watch and plug it into your USB and it uploads your runs, helps you maintain you goals, ect. I would highly recommend getting yourself one! They are also a lot less expensive then the traditional running watch. I also got a new iPod Shuffle. This thing is so small I can clip it anywhere. I clipped it onto my headband the other day in the locker room when I was changing shirts because I was rocking out to B. Spears (sorry dad and Setphannie, but I love her!) and just didn't want to stop. Okay confession time...because running can get a little, well, BORING there are often times when I imagine myself as the singer and pretend I'm on stage making millions of people scream! I have had some pretty good shows while running. :) I think my dad and I share this special connection. There have been times when I have caught him waddling around the neighborhood (something we also have in common, we waddle, we don't run. The title of this blog should be "waddle towards Him") rocking out to his own shows.
One of the greatest gifts I received was from my FAB husband. Beth Moore's Bible study of John. Let's get real people, if you have not heard of Beth Moore, HEAR OF HER! But only if you are of the female species. She only preaches to the ladies of the world, designing studies and talks to fit into problems that only us women can understand. Beth's no nonsense, loving account of who the real Jesus is will stop you in your tracks and make you fall in love with Christ everyday. She also shares her own stories of her own walk with Christ relating in a loving way to things many of us are going through. Her studies are also very concise and to the point, which I like. I am on day 7 of the study and am loving it. One of my most favorite people on earth, my little Ratty, introduced me to her. Last night's study was about Jesus' miracles and how John witnesses these. One of the questions in the study was "when was the last time you experienced a miracle?" What a question! And at that time my mind locked onto my little Ratty. My Rat is a miracle in and of herself. She entered college, radically gave her life to Christ and has sinse never been the same . She is nothing like she was and she often tells us "stories" of her old life. When story time occurs I often look at her and think, "if you don't believe that Jesus performs miracle, meet Rat." Ratty is a true woman of Christ, ALWAYS running towards Him. Rat and I have gone on many runs together, many long and desperate runs, both often screaming out loud to God that we needed extra oxygen, more strength in our legs and "please Lord, please help us get up this hill, alive." Her and I have shared our deepest secrets and funniest moments while on runs. She would be running the marathon with us, but she will be in Lake Tahoe helping students from around the states grow closer to Christ and teaching them to run towards Him. She is already running the marathon, the marathon that involves our Savior. I love you my little Ratty. Thank you Lord for bringing me her.
"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31

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