Thursday, January 7, 2010

What am I doing?

What a question, huh? I think I ask myself this everyday. It has become a daily occurrence, asking myself that, when good things are about to happen and when bad things are about to happen. When I wake myself up before light has even thought of awakening itself to go run. I ask myself this when I try a new recipe, from you know who...PW! It just happens, I start to do something and then I ask myself, "what am I doing?". I think that normal people do this in the opposite order. But hey we all know, I sure in the heck am not normal, lets just keep it real people.

But you know who never once has ever asked Himself, "what am I doing?", God. Not once has He made a mistake, thought He did something wrong, or asked for a do-over. NEVER. And because that is true, it is quite amazing that you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, "God did not ask for a do over on me." He also did not ask for a do-over when He sent Christ to die in our place. And as I continue to ask for forgiveness for the disgusting sin I have in my life, I know with full assurance that God would have not done it any differently, that he actually wants to love and have a relationship with me. Me...and you!

So, yes this blog will be about my running escapades, but it will also be about my "run" with Christ. This blog will feature my successful runs with the road and Christ, the different things I am learning about running and Christ, the challenges that we all know are coming with running and with Christ. You see, nothing in our lives should be without Christ. Its so easy to say, but I really do, genuinely want to live that way.

So as I start this blog, I must ask myself that day in and day out question, "what am I doing?". I don't blog. I don't write. No sir I do not. I read blogs (shout out to Sara and Alex, Rat, and of course the one and only Pioneer Woman). But I definitely do not blog. So what am I doing if I don't blog, well I'm not sure, but we will see how this goes.

The plan is to sign up for the Rock n' Roll FULL Seattle Marathon with Meggie and Chris. Yes, FULL. 26.2 disgusting miles if you ask me. That should really be when this question of "what am I doing" comes into play (No really, Meg and Chris what are we doing here? :) ). Like blogging, not quite sure what I am doing.

What I do know is that some of my most precious times with Christ have come when I have been on a run. Sometimes thanking and praising Him for giving me the ability to run, to have friends as crazy as I am, who I am just in love with, for a husband who would do anything for me and for the relationship that Christ and I have together. Some of my most desperate times of need have been on runs, crying out for strength not only in my legs, but in my heart. Crying out for just a couple more breaths to get me through to the next mile. Begging Him to help in this situation and that situation, to help me give up complete control. When you are by yourslef for however many miles, it gets boring, and who else better to talk to, then the one and only creator and savior of the universe!

So...I think I am done for now. Running towards Christ is the main reason for life. Running a marathon is crazy, but we all know who the crazy one is in this convo, me! :)

"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31,


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  1. Wow Shelby-I am sooo excited that you are blogging! What an awesome theme-I will love reading every post. You go girl!!