Monday, January 11, 2010

This is going to be harder then I thought...

This morning. Ugh this morning. Alarm clock, as usual went off at some insane, inhumane time. I got all the way out of bed, got my clothes, went tinkle and I think put on deodorant without even opening me eyes. I wasn't so much sore from yesterday's run, but more just tired. I got to the gym, spotted A's truck, said hi to the front desk lady, jucked and jived with some man that would not get out of my frick fracken way and headed to the locker room. Those are the things that happen everyday; it has gotten to be so much of a routine. That's when the morning started to not be so routine. Stepped on the scale, and nothing moved. It said I weighed zero pounds! HA! That's a HUGE joke. So without knowing my real weight and being really tired I figured that was enough of an excuse not to run this morning.

Here is the was my "official" start date to start marathon training. Today I was supposed to run 4 miles. But I literally cannot physically, mentally, emotionally run more then 3 miles on the treadmill. I get sooooo bored, and when you get bored things start to hurt and little people in your head talk to you to tell you "stop running." Okay that might just be me, please don't judge.

So like I said, this is going to be harder then I thought. I have to get over that hump. I have to be able to run more then 3 miles on the dreaded torture-chamber that is the treadmill. I won't run long runs on it. Those will be outside runs, so I don't die of boredom. The worst part of this morning was when A asked "how was your first training day, how was your run?" UGH!!! Dangit...he caught me! But what is so great about my hunny? He doesn't care whether I run or don't run. Oh how I love him.

And you know what? Being a Christian is harder then I first thought too. The fact of the matter is life sucks sometimes and it gets in the way of loving Christ. Satan knows just how to work his disgusting little lies into our heads to take us away from our one saving grace. Work, school, relationships, this, that seems to be more important day after day then living in the one perfect relationship we can all have, the relationship we have with Christ. He has done his part, He died on the cross so we could spend eternity in Heaven. Now it's our turn to do our part no matter how hard and time consuming it might be.

When you run long distances, nothing in the whole world looks better then the finish line. Knowing that you sweated, snotted (yes I know a very technical term), bled, worked harder then you ever had before to get to cross one line, is the best feeling. And nothing will feel better, nothing will even be comparable to when we meet our Savior in Heaven, and He says "Well done good and faithful servant." I know that training is harder that it first seemed and being a Christian is a lot harder then it is first imaginable. But I also know I want to live my life to hear Jesus utter those words to me. So I will keep going...keep running and more importantly keep living my life to be more like Jesus. That is what is important, no matter how hard it is.

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  1. I want to hear those words too-thanks for the reminder Shelby.