Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today is no day for joking about running. It is not the day to laugh about this or that. Today is the day to pray.
My senior year of college, my discipler paired me with a vivacious young woman to share my discipleship time. Jordan Hightower was a Kappa Delta who I had known for years. She was definition of the word, smile. She always had one on, always passing one along. Jordan was the one person who could get me out of any funk. We met every week for a year. She ran the half marathon in Tacoma with us at the end of that year as well. I found her running towards the finish line, after I had finished. But Jordan was not running, no, she was dancing. Others had told me she had danced the whole way. It did not surprise me at all. She was smiling when she crossed the finish line, something, little people accomplish. To say the least I love Jordan.

But now, it is our job to help Jordan smile. Her sister Molly worked with children in Haiti. She was on the fifth floor of a seven floor building. Molly has yet to be found. Jordan has described her sister "as the most Christ centered woman she knows." This is a picture of Molly. When you are watching CNN, NBC, FOX, whatever, look for Molly. Pray Molly is found. That she gets on a plane and comes home to her sister and family. The family pastor is now in Haiti helping the search.

If Molly is anything like Jordan, the world wants to find her. Pray Molly is found very very soon. Pray for Haiti.

Update: Molly has yet to be found. But Jordan just shot me a facebook message, telling me "our family has such a strong faith in our AMAZING God and that He will bring Molly home to us." Jesus You are good.

Here is Jordan's Twitter page She is doing amazing on updating all of us. Her upbeat attitude is contagious.

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