Friday, January 15, 2010

To be uncomfortable

Yesterday, after work, I went for a 5 mile run. In the rain, I ran from my house to Lincoln Park and back. The whole way I thought about Molly Hightower. I thought about how when I got home and turned on the news I would see her, being pulled out. I didn't see that. The last I heard from Jordan (her older sister) was that a team from Virgina were going to descend on her building that night. Last night was going to be the night they found Molly, Jordan told me.

Because of my run in the afternoon I was taking a day off today. I would sleep until 6:50am and then drive Aaron to work. In my slumber a noise came blaring out at me. But it wasn't my alarm, I was confused as I rolled over to look at my phone. Yenster was calling me. It was too early for anyone to be calling me. Not even Aaron had gotten out of bed. I knew she was calling with news. The thought crossed me mind, "either Molly had been found or something is wrong with Katie (my sister)." Yenster said she was sorry for calling so early, but they had found Molly's body and Jordan wanted her to call me. Body. Body means no life.

Rescuers found Molly's body last night. After I got off the phone I tried to lay back down. But for 40 minutes I stared straight ahead, eyes wide open, looking into the darkness. I finally got up and went to my computer. No matter who bashes Facebook, it does, at times provide the perfect chance to be able to reach out. Jordan was on, at 6:50am. What do you say to a sister who lost her baby sister? I lost my mom, I should know what to say, right? Wrong. As I typed to Jordan that I loved her and how strong I knew she was, tears flooded down my checks, piling on my sweatshirt. It was if Jordan knew I was crying on the other end of the computer, SHE offered ME comfort. She rallied off Bible versus and told me how amazing Molly was.

I started to think about Molly on my run yesterday, and today I am still overwhelmed with Molly and how she lived her life. I never knew Molly, but from what I heard from Jordan my senior year of college and everything that I have heard about her in the last 72 hours, she was remarkable. Molly lived a life that was uncomfortable. She went to the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, to serve the Lord. She lived where there were no hot showers, no Starbucks across the street and a family that was thousands of miles away. Molly worked with children who had no parents, being surrounded with sadness and loss. But her hope was in the Lord. The Lord gave her comfort and stability. He gave her strength and recognition. Molly had followed the Lord, right where He told her to go.

And I think, as I sit in front of my computer (that always has Internet) with a coffee (that I didn't even have to get out of my car to get) in the heat, am I living how Christ wants me to live? Christ lived an uncomfortable life. And I know when I have experienced Christ the greatest it has been times when I have been uncomfortable. Molly has taught me to live outside the comfort zone I have built for myself. To live selflessly serving our Creator. To look at my life and question what I do on a day to day basis.

Thank you Molly for teaching me, someone you never met.


  1. Beautiful thoughts about Molly Shelby.
    We're so sorry for the terrible news and for your grief and her family's great loss. Praying for you!

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  3. so sorry to hear this shelby. we will be praying for you and jordan's family.