Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A little love from Texas

A dear friend lives in Dallas, Texas. She ran the Honolulu marathon last December. She is a real runner. She sent me this email today:


Three days to go until one of the best days of your life (you won’t think it is as you run, but it will be once you finish!). I am sending you my love and support from Dallas as you get ready to run your marathon. I have no doubt you will do great especially because you have been so diligent with your training! When you cross the finish line on Saturday, you will feel more proud of yourself than you ever have before and all that time, effort, and tears will be worth it.

I cannot wait to hear all about it and wish I could be there in person to cheer you on. Instead, a little cheer for you via email:

Go Shelby Go! Go Shelby Go!
Run really fast, have a blast!
Go Shelby Go!

Enjoy the experience. Rob and I are rooting for you!


Guess what I did...cried....not surprising. I think I am going to write that little cheer down on my arm so I don't forget it. :)

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