Monday, June 21, 2010

My Jamaican Sprinter

I have been trying for a while to sit down and write a post about my Jamaican sprinter, AKA: AA, AKA: my husband. To tell everyone how amazing he is and without him I wouldn't be able to do this victory lap on Saturday. I have sat down before, started typing and realized that what I was saying was not doing it justice. The love and thankfulness I feel for him through this process was not coming out in the words that my heart felt. And again today I have sat down to try to write this post that I have been trying to write for five months now and again my words that I will say are in no comparison to how I actually feel. But I could not start this marathon week without expressing how grateful I am for him.

You see, this commitment of running was not only placed on me, but my beloved husband. I would not be the only one who felt the pain of sore muscles or had to put the time commitment every weekend morning. You see, I should have asked AA if it was okay if I ran this marathon because he made just as big of commitment as I did. Without fail he has been there to rub my back, get me water, listen to me complain, run with me at the end of runs, help me in the shower, look at gross things growing on my feet and tell me how much he loves me, even when I was at my lowest points.

When the thought of doing a full marathon came about I had full intentions of running it with KB. But as God had already planned out, one was going to Africa to help women with disabilities, one was going to Lake Tahoe to help college students learn how to grow in their faith, one is at new staff training (she doesn't run that doesn't really count :) ), and the last one has been blessed with a baby girl growing inside of her. :) Don't I look like the slacker?! So as I stood alone at the start of training I contemplated not doing it. I didn't know how to run by myself. But it was AA that pushed me and said that I could do this and he would help. And he did.
I remembered when I ran 10 miles one morning. He met me at mile 7 and ran with me. Towards the end I started to panic and told him I could barely run 10 miles, how was I going to run 26.2? He just looked at me, straight in the eye and said that at some point that 10 miles was going to feel like a warm up. At the time, I was mad at him for saying that! He didn't know! But you know what? He did know, and although 10 miles is still hard, it does feel like an extended warm up. He was there when I "quit" running one very very cold Sunday morning. And he was there when I started back up then next day. He was there to catch me after 20 miles and sprint over to Starbucks to get me a frap. He has been there everyday, without fail.

So, Jamaican sprinter if you are reading this, know that I love you more then any of these words could express and that without you, Saturday would not be possible.

Lord Jesus You are good. Thank you so much for AA. Thank You for showing me what love looks like in marriage and for continually pushing me to love him like You love all of us. Lord I do not deserve all of the blessing you have given me, especially AA. Lord I love You.

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