Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Where do I start? These last two weeks I feel like I have been running around like my head was cut off. Between work, life and well running I haven't quite had the ability to stop and think about my 20 mile run I did on Saturday. Until today, I was thinking that that 20 mile run was just another thing that was on my to-do list. Do it and get it done, then move onto the next thing. But today, I actually sat down and thought, wow, I ran fro 3 hours and 10 minutes and didn't stop.

The day started at 7am with my alarm clock blaring. I actually had gotten a great night sleep, which is rare when I have a new, higher mileage planned the next day. I quietly got out of bed, trying not to wake up AA. I got dressed, made a light breakfast and sat and watched the news. At 7:30 I was off. To tell you the truth I purposely did not make a conscience thought that I was actually going to be running 20 miles. All I knew is I wanted to be done in 3 hours and 15 minutes. The first 7 miles were great. I was feeling amazing and I saw AA to take a GU and water. I took off for another 4 miles and looped back around to our apartment, where I got another sip of water. I was having some stomach issues but I knew it would go away. My prayer was answered within a mile and I was feeling fine. I knew I would see AA around mile 14 for another GU and water stop.

It was amazing weather. I was in a tank and shorts and there was so many runners out, I didn't feel so alone. I made the turn at Alki and spotted AA across the street from Spuds. I GU'd and watered up and told him I would need water again in 2 miles. After my water and GU I passed a man with a fuel belt and a marathon finisher's tshirt on. He was a real runner, but you could tell he was struggling. I told him he looked strong. He answered back something about not feeling so strong. I smiled and lifted a prayer for him. He needed it. As I ran on Alki I could feel my body starting to break down. Between then and the end, countless prayers were lifted to the Heavens. God was so good. I knew He was right there with me. I never felt alone, and even in my most painful moments I knew He was pushing me to keep going. I saw AA at 16 and begged him to meet me at 18. I told him I had nothing left. I was serious, nothing. There was a empty feeling in my core. He assured me I was almost done. Ugh, he was right. I begged again for him to be at 18. He agreed, I truly do have the best husband. At around mile 17.75 I thought I had passed where AA was supposed to be. I started to cry and panic. I looked up long enough, through my tears to realize I got the two piers confused. He was going to be right up there in a little bit. I found him, just where I left him. Thank you Jesus for water and AA. I was really struggling now, my back and knees were shot. I wanted to cry but that would have taken way to much energy. AA saw it too. He told me he would be at 19 and then at 20.

Mile 19 came around, I needed AA and water. But he was no where. And then my i-pod died. I started to panic again. I was about to pass out, I needed water and Beyonce :). Every step I begged God to give me energy, power and strength. In hind sight, He did give me that power, strength and energy, but at the time I could not feel it. Finally AA came out of no where. I took my last drink of water and headed for the last mile. I looked at my watch at mile 19.60 and realized I had less then half a mile. Oh my gosh, I was going to do this. Thank you Jesus. Finally at mile 20 I pushed end on my watch looked at AA and started to bawl. I felt bad because there was a family of four standing right next to us with two really young kids. They probably thought I was a lunatic who had just run a couple of miles and now was crying like a baby. My feet hurt so bad and the only words I could get out were, "shoes, my shoes." AA bent down to undo my laces. I wanted to take off my shoes, but realized that wasn't the smartest idea. I cried and kept crying, while AA asked what I needed. I didn't know what I needed. I looked up and what did I see? The holy grail of STARBS! "I need a frap, please get me a frap." AA smiled, handed me his sweatshirt and helped me cross the street. Sitting was not good, standing was not good, so I just paced back in forth in Strabs until AA got my drink. He looked at me at one point, and asked if I felt weak. I said yes, even though that wasn't the truth. Sure my body felt horrible but I felt strong. Stronger then I ever had before.

It is true what it says in the Bible, God will deliver you out of your pain and agony. You will get to the finish line of the race and He will be there to catch you. God is so good. And with the full marathon only a week and a half away I can't help but thank Him for everything He has taught me through this experience. I feel strong and ready, and even if I am not, I know God will deliver me. Oh how I love God.


  1. Congratulations on a TOUGH run and making it!!

  2. Shelby-I'm so proud of you for making your goal and for your dependence on the Lord. Way to go!