Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The little voice

If you are a runner or even just a breathing person you know all of the voices that can enter our head. "You aren't thin enough, or smart enough". "You don't run as fast as him, my muscles hurt too much". Or even worst, "you aren't Christian enough or you don't shine light". Oh boy, when that voice enters your head, hit your knees and pray.

There are so many voices in our everyday life. Some loud, some quiet. Some that sting for a long time, some that just come and go. When I run, every single time, the voices shout so loud to stop, to quit, that I am not strong enough. It is exhausting. At times, the physical part of running is the easy part. But there is always one voice trying to scream at me the truth. "Keep going, you are strong, you are doing amazing, only a little bit longer". The key to being successful at running is being able to find that one voice among all the other ones screaming at me lies. And with 18 days left until the marathon the lies are coming at full force.

The parallel to this and to my relationship with Christ is uncanny. The number of lies that are told from the world and satan are numerous and with little time between them. But there is always the one voice of Christ shining through all of the dark ones. Christ is the light and the voice that we need to find and follow. At times, the voice is faint and hard to hear, however it is there. The one voice that will lead us to the light and a finishline.

Thank you Christ for being our shining light, our one hope and friend. Jesus You are Lord. I praise You for everything You are to me and to this world. Lord help me be a better person for Your kingdom. I love you!

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