Thursday, June 3, 2010


Okay people let's get serious!

I just got my confirmation email from Rock n' Roll!!!!!! I am number 19,077. Yup you read that right! I am in the 19th corral. I wish I was in the 18th corral because I think that will more reflect my finish time, but that's okay. It will just give me something to chase the whole time. "Look for the guy holding the 4:15 time sign and follow him to the finish!" :)

WOW this is exciting...I am scared out of my mind. I printed off all the information who I will probably just hand to my coach AKA: AA AKA: Jamaican Sprinter and he will tell me where to go.

Bad News: There are only two GU stops along the whole course...this is not going to work. Coach can you meet me around mile 15ish for a GU? Thanks lovebug!

Okay have to go now...feeling sick...OH LORD HELP ME! :)

PS...ran a small 7 miles yesterday and felt GREAT, ran 10 miles on Monday felt like crap. Hmmmm...I am not consistent at all! Let's pray that on June 26 I am on FIRA (fire...with an accent :) )

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