Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 things...

....that made me laugh/smile today:

1. A little convo that went like this:
Co-worker: "Shelby are you running like a seven minute mile these days?" Dead serious by the way
Me: Laughing "Nope a little slower."
Co-worker: "Oh right, you have PE, so what, like a 7:20 minute mile?"
Me: Laughing even harder, "nope like a 9:30 miles these days."
Co-worker: "Oh right. That sounds about right for you."

BAHAHAHAHAHA! That might be an insult, but these days I am so happy to even be able to run so I will take it as a joke!

2. Walk into the gym look up to see that the only treadmill open is next to a Gisele B√ľndchen lookalike, who is sprinting...I mean sprinting. Oh an PS...she has just a sports bra on rocking her hot bod. You know what I feel about people only wearing their sports bras, especially in the gym. For some reason I just let out a laugh. It was so ridiculous. Even better, got on the treadmill next to, again, the only one open, to see that she had been sprinting for the last 3 miles and continued sprinting for 4 more miles! Here I was love handles and all, just trottin' away next to her. Ha! I told my love handles not to be sad, "don't compare yourself to her non-existent love handles ladies, they don't even know what Ben and Jerry's taste like. You on the other do and don't even try to lie and say you don't love every bite."

3. I saw this leaving the cute three ladies on their lunch time run, all wearing BRIGHT GREEN! They were just running, laughing away. Love that!

Happy St. Pats day!

Oh and PS....GO GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You don't wear only your sports bra? Some day I wish to be so in shape to be able to wear one...but that is probably just a dream. Way to go on the 'mill!

  2. You won, you won. Go to my site. Thanks for entering. So happy you won.

  3. Shelby-you are an awesome runner! I'm so proud of you!! Sprinter girl was just showing off :o) Oh-and what love handles?