Monday, March 7, 2011

New Winner and an Update

SOOOOO, I've got some 'splainin' to do! I picked a winner, the winner contacted and said, "hey silly you picked the wrong winner!" She then informed me on how real blog giveaways go! Actually....Jill was sooo nice and just wanted a fair winner! I love her for that!

SOOOOOO we have a new winner....the right winner....drum rooooolllllll please....

SARA LEHMANN! Sara has won a pack of my fav. things! Look for a package in the mail! :)

Okay I have some updates for you:

Health: I had been feeling great the last couple weeks and have gotten in some great runs. Well, AA and I left for Ptown this last Friday and was feeling great! We were going to have a fun weekend and then leave early on Sunday so we could get back on Sunday to run eight miles. Well, God had other plans. On Saturday, right before the game, I was having some pretty bad chest pain on my left side when I laughed (I DO A LOT OF THAT IN PULLMAN!), took a deep breath, yelled for a certain team (ALSO DO A LOT OF THAT IN PULLMAN), ect. I thought it would be fine in the morning. Well it wasn't. It was worse. We said goodbye to Oli, Meg and Steve and headed home. AA and I both decided he would do his run solo, because I couldn't even walk without it hurting.

So with tears in my eyes I dropped him off and planned to pick him up in 1.5 hours. He was so sweet telling me I would be running with him again soon and that to focus on helping him get through this run. He always knows what to say when I am scared and sad. 1.5 hours later I met at our pick up spot. When I saw him rounding the corner I started to cry again, but this time because I was soooo proud of my man!

So today, I went to have chest xrays, EKG, oxygen test, blood work, CT scan and leg/tummy ultra sound. WOW! It was a full morning. Here is the good new PE and no new blood clots! WAHOO! Also good news, the lung specialist said it is probably just my lungs trying to heal. But I am going to go and see him tomorrow just in case.

Please pray for me that God heals my lungs FAST! I am an active person, not just running but overall active lifestyle. So with this derailing me, it makes me feel not so good! Please pray that my attitude is good and that I can trust God through this.

Running Update: My longest run so far has been 7 miles, but I felt great afterward. That was two weeks ago. I had a great week of tempo and speed work runs last week. I am not going to even try to run until I feel better. It hurts too bad. I am praying that I can run this next weekend. If you could pray for me too, that would be great!

God has a plan, He has a path for me. So I am on that path and trusting Him. Period.


  1. So excited to get your favorite things! Yay! :o) And so sorry to hear you are having to battle more pain after you seemed to be in the clear. Alex and I are praying for you. We love you!