Wednesday, March 9, 2011

quick quick quick...

...not my running anytime soon! I just wanted to get on here real quick to tell you all that I love you and have been feeling your prayers. I will explain more what the doctor said yesterday, probably tomorrow, but over all, I am doing good and am healing up.

Running update: I ran a SLOW 5 miles today. Aaron has planned our 9 miler and I will pray I get to run it. If not, God is in control, something I am learning more then ever these days.

I read something today, about thanking God for lessons you haven't/didn't know you were learning. I love that!! I did a lot of thanking today!

And now....for a little humor, please enjoy.....
*this would be me picking a wedgie...yes I have no pride at all.
I just kind of like this picture!

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