Monday, March 14, 2011

A miracle....

"If I can do this 9 mile run it will be a miracle from God." Yup those were the words that came out of my mouth 5 minutes before we hit the pavement yesterday for a 9 miler. Oh the confidence I have these days. :)

Let's backup though. So we all know about the lovely infarction that has invaded my lung. And we all know that the doc perscribed me three days of steroids. And what we all might not know is that I was scared to death to take said steroids. So after two days the pain in my shoulder had left and I called said doctor to ask if I had to take the last day. He said NO! HOORAY! No more steroids! Now this doesn't mean I still don't have pain. I do, but not the sharp shooting pain in my shoulder. Now it is just a mild dull pain on the left side of my chest. It is just the infarction trying to heal itself. The pain comes and goes, so we are praying that it goes a lot more then it comes.

So anyway, with all that said on Saturday night I could not sleep. I mean I COULD NOT SLEEP AT ALL! The last time I looked at the clock it was 3am. Ouch. I calculated that in about 6 hours I would be sitting in church, which meant I would be up in 4.5 hours. Double Ouch. I prayed and prayed for sleep, and at 3am God granted me sleep. And then my alarm didn't go off! THANK GOODNESS AA said goodbye before he left for church (he goes before me sometimes b/c he is the church sound guy), or I would have slept forever! Finally, after a birthday lunch for my boss, it was about 3:30pm and AA said we better get this run done with. I thought I was going to secretly get out of the run, that maybe he would "forget". But bless his heart, he remembered. Got changed and headed down to the water to do a 4.5 mile out and back.

This is when the above comment came out. I truly did not think I could do it. No way, no how. But we started running. And I felt okay. And then about 2 miles into it, the rain started. And then 3.5 miles into it Heaven opened and it was DUMPING! I mean sideways rain, rain that hurt my head when it hit. We made it to the 4.5 mile mark and turned around. Then at about 5.5 miles it was raining even harder then before. We made it to a tree to hide underneath. We looked at each other and died laughing. This was so stupid it was funny. It was especially funny because we kept saying "it is 40 degrees and raining sideways here, and when we run in Dallas it will most likely be 70 degrees and 100% humidity!" We questioned whether or not we should call someone to pick us up. We figured by the time they got to us we could have ran back to to car. I said "What if we call Erica and Hammy? They will pick us up!" AA responded "if we see them drive by we will get in." HA! We were so far from their house...there was no seeing them. And so we kept running.

Then at mile 7.5, something snapped in AA's knee. Huh-oh! He tried to run but it hurt too bad. He told me to run and go get the car. He said it so casually, like "the car is just around the block, can you go get it and pick me up." But the car was not around the block, it was 2.5 miles away!!!!!! So I picked up my pace and got to movin'. At one point it felt like I was sprinting. My lung started to hurt, but I told my lung "quite down! I have to "save" my man!" I finally got to the car, jumped in, broke the law, driving with no licence, and sped to find my man. I finally found him, poor thing looked like a drowned rat. I mean, the most handsome, manly, hunka hunka burnin' love drowned rat I have ever seen. He is doing okay today, he is going to take it easy, ice it and see how he feels in a couple days.

So, I guess God granted me a miracle. I ran 9 miles. AA and I had some deep convo before mile 7.5 which was great. And I ran through the worst weather I have ever been faced with. There was not one mile that went by that I didn't pray. But I also did A LOT of praising. God has answered so many prayers in the last couple days. God is good. And He is still good, even if I wouldn't have finished those 9 miles.

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