Thursday, March 3, 2011

WOW! I got some catchin' up to do!

Okay so I could sit here and tell you all the excuses of why I haven't blogged in a couple days, but the truth is...I AM LAZY! We have chatted about this before, but there are times when I get straight out lazy. Some days, I am running around like my head is cutoff, because I choose to be busy. The last two days...negative! LAZY BUM!

And although I am super lazy, I still got in two quality runs. The treadmill has truly become my friend this training cycle. It is so cold out and I think (more like praying) that Dallas is warm on race day, so I have been doing my midweek runs inside. I have noticed that I always pick a treadmill next to a woman who is already running, so we can "run together." There are several problems with this. First, it's creepy. Yes I know, I am a creepster, but it does kind of help. I have convos in my head with this girl, "keep going, your doing great." Second, I have gone crazy, but you already figured that out. Third, when that girl gets done running I am all by my lonesome. Hmmm...yup, I have lost my mind. With that let's move onto the questions...


Day 28. Write about your insecurities as a woman.

The one big insecurity I have is that no one likes me. I have great friends and family but a certain, satan, likes to put it in my head that they all hate me and that I am not doing enough. Some days I never think about this, and then there are other days when this is all I can think about. I am glad I have Jesus on my side to help me out on this one.

Day 29. Write about "a day in the life of me."

Hahaha! This one is funny. I didn't take any pictures, but here you go, this was my Tuesday:

7:30am: Wake up and realize I should have been up earlier to run.
7:45am: Out of the shower, breakfast time...oatmeal...yum yum
7:50am: Rock out to Lady Gaga as I eat, put makeup on and check email....I really am a multi tasker
7:52am: Thank Jesus for mascara
8:30am: Out the door
8:40am: Visit my fav Starbs girl, Sam, so I can be alive for the rest of the day
8:50am: At work.
10:30am: Eat some almonds.
12:30pm: Lunch time. Run to get lunch, nice to have a break.
3:55pm: Change into running gear
4:00pm: Leave work in a hurry so I can get a fast run in.
4:15pm: Arrive at gym, hop on the treadmill, no time to even weigh myself.
4:50pm: Done with run. Speed home
5:00pm: FAST SHOWER! Reapply bronzer and mascara, again thank Jesus for mascara.
5:20pm: Shovel food in my mouth. It was sight.
5:35pm: Out the door for small group leader training at church
6:00pm: Arrive at church
7:40pm: Leave church
8:05pm: Arrive home, greet AA, thank Jesus for him, change into PJs, wash my face.
8:15pm: Reach into freezer for some ICE CREAM, thank Jesus for Ben and Jerry.
8:16pm: Sit down and watch Biggest Loser....yes while eating B&J. Stop judgin'.
10:00pm: Time to hit the hay....I AM EXHAUSTED!


Day 30. Who is your role model as a woman?

I have talked about this woman before, but the Yenster is my role model. She balances life, kids, a husband and work better then I have seen anyone else. She loves Jesus and it is so apparent anytime I am with her. I am so blessed that she is my friend. She has taught me more about life, running and God then I can comprehend. She has believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. When I "grow up" I want to be her.


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