Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saturday recap....

We woke up to sun shining through our window. Thank you Jesus for the sun. We put on some running clothes and we all decided to walk/run to Starbs. We ran a total of .3 miles. Just enough of you ask me. It was so warm. Oh how I want some heat here in Seattle. After walking back and enjoying our cup'o'jo we got dressed and headed to brunch. Let me tell you something...this brunch was just what I needed. We got to sit outside, without a jacket on and enjoy truly yummy food. I had chicken migas. Thank you Jesus for migas, oh thank you Jesus for them! Then we headed to the expo. Oh the expo. I LOVE EXPOS!!! LOVE THEM! First, being able to go and get your race bib makes it really real. I picked up a hat and got to meet two contestants from the Biggest Loser, Jackie and Dan, one of my favorite shows! They are coming to Seattle next, so I might have to go cheer them on! They were sooo sweet and look great! AA picked up some body glide and Katie pick up some new shorts. After about an 1.5 hours we had made our way through the whole thing, won some prizes and were happy.

Katie and Rob then took us on a driving tour of Dallas. We saw where JFK was shot (more on that in Sunday's recap), drove on Straight Lane (I have never, I mean NEVER seen bigger homes), got to see some High 5 Highway thingymbobber. Something about the biggest highway overpass or something. Clearly this was for AA, not me. Then, one of the highlights of the trip, they took us to the SMU campus. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, Rob's grandpa was the head basketball coach there for a number of years. He is quite famous in the state of Texas we learned. We went to see the practice facility that was named after him and we even snuck onto the actual court. That was so great! It really touched my heart that Rob would share this with us. His grandpa is still going to games and Rob has never called his grandpa, grandpa. Rather, they have always called him Coach. I LOVE IT! We tried to play Top Golf, but there was a three hour wait. No thanks.

Headed to dinner to CARB of my favorite things about running. The Italian restaurant they took us to was so good. Oh yummmy yummu yummy! And of course, we went to ice cream after that. :) Headed home, watched some basketball and visited with Rob's brother Doug. Headed to bed early. After all, the next day was going to start early and we needed all the rest we could. Race day, coming next....

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