Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's go time baby....

Today, I tried yoga. Different story for a different day, but let me tell you that is HARD! My boss invited me to come with her, "beginner yoga, full of laughing not worshipping" she said. Sweet I'm in! I looked at her at one point and said "this stupid swan dive pigeon tree thingy pose is so stupid that it is hard!" As you can see I'm not very serious about yoga....AT ALL!

When you run an endurance race there is one thing in common at the start. There is a magnetic pull towards the start line. There isn't much talking, because really, what else is there to say? Training is done. Some people are programming watches, some people silently cry as they realize what is ahead of them, and some people pray, pray and pray some more, because they know the only thing getting them to the finish line is God. Everybody has a story. Everyone crosses the start line one person, knowing if they make it to the finish line, a tiny part of them will be different for the rest of their life.

How many of us can truly treasure the experience of a single day, that don't include a marriage or a birth of a baby, for the rest of your life? I can think of single days that I truly treasured:
1. The day that I accepted Jesus' role in my life, as Savior, King and love of my life.
2. The day I got married
3. The day I finished my first full marathon.
I have run 6 half marathons up to this point, and countless more in training, but I have a feeling that Sunday's race will be a race that will be one of those single days. I am so thankful God gave me the challenges that He did in the last couple months. Without them, I would not have re-learned to give every once of trust to Jesus, how grateful I am for family and friends, and the awesomeness of how ones' body is made.

So without further's go time baby...thank you Jesus!

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