Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So I just posted this on Facebook and Ms. Katie, aka, "The Real Housewife of Dallas" aka, "OHM2" (stands for Old Married Hag 2, I was number 1, Erica is number 3) posted what she is excited for. Alas...I shall share it with you....

Shelby Lanting
Things I am excited for:
1. Seeing you and Rob Dog
2. Sun, I haven't seen it in a while
3. Heat, I have only felt it in a tanning bed
4. The expo....my American Express card is excited too! Aaron...not so much...
5. Food...good food
6. Seeing you...wait did I already say that?
7. Run, run, run, run!!!
8. To hear Rob dog tell funny stories
Oh the list could go on and on!

Katie Manor
Things I am excited for:
1. Seeing you and A
2. Sun, it really is underrated
3. Heat, but not too much on race day
4. The expo... I hope to continue with my Lululemon obsession...
5. Food...Mexican food! (to quote Rob: "My only thought during the race will be how I am going to take it 'deep' in Mexican food after running."
6. Seeing you too!
7. Run, run, run run
8. To hear you tell funny stories
9. To introduce you to the Big D!

That's it....I'M EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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