Thursday, March 10, 2011


To say that we are taking each day as it comes would be an understatement. When I thought we were out of the woods, we found out we were right back in them. I keep saying "we" because AA is as much a part of this and affected by this as me, even if he doesn't say it. So here are some updates for everyone:

Health: Soooo news to me, but when you have pulmonary embolism, like Serena Williams and I do (yes I just called her out! :) ), you can get what's called an infarction (no I didn't spell that wrong, and yes you should say that out loud, because it will make you giggle) in your lung. This means that part of your lung has died. Awesome. Not. What is so cool though, is that your body will rebuild that part of the lung and you will just be left with a small scar in your lung. But the problem is that when you have an infarction it causes you to bleed a little bit into the fluid area between your rib cage and lungs. This then causes you pain in WEIRD areas. For me it was a sharp pain in my collar bone/shoulder area, even though the blood in down by my diaphram. Weird yes. So I went and saw I lung specialist who advised that I take three days of steroids to decrease the inflammation and then reduce the pain. Well the problem with that is (SO MANY PROBLEMS!) steroids can cause bleeding in your intestines and when you are already on a blood thinner that doesn't help. So for the next couple days we are in what I call the danger zone (please cue Top Gun music). We are praying that we can get to Saturday morning at 8am to be officially out of the danger zone. That is a very specific prayer request that we are asking all of you to pray for. And trust me I CAN FEEL YOUR PRAYERS! So far, it has been working, the pain in my shoulder/collar bone is not there. But today I woke up with some overall mild pain in my chest area. So we are also praying that goes away too. I don't want to sound like a complainer, I just have completely left my pride at the door and am asking for prayer. God will heal me. I know He will.

Running: So....the good news in all of this is the doctor said that running neither hurts or helps my lungs. That it is pretty much a neutral activity. But I need to listen to my body and just take it slow. So I ran 5 very slow mile yesterday, but it was good to get back at it. I might take a break today and then run tomorrow morning. I will just see how I am feeling. AA has planned our nine mile run for Saturday morning, but if you have noticed, everything that has been planned in the last couple months has gone completely hay wried. So I guess we have it planned and I of course hope and pray we can run it together. But if, I am fine with that, as long as I am getting better. That is the main goal right now, to get better. We just got our race confirmation email from Dallas yesterday, which made me excited and a little sad. But what keeps me up, is that I know God has already written my story, and that He never promised it to be a happy go lucky story all the time. When I committed my life to Christ, I committed to a life of following Him, not this easy going lifestyle.

I am so much to be grateful for. Jesus has been so good to me. And I know without one shadow of a doubt that my life is better with Him in control versus me in control. That is what I am focusing on these days.

Again, we feel your prayers. Thank you so much. I love you....but Jesus loves you more!

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  1. Shelby, so glad for your trust in God in all this! I'm praying you'll be all healed up in no time at all!