Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 16. Write a letter to your future daughter. Tell her what beauty means.

Hello sunshine! Look outside....quick! Hurry...look! SUN!!!! Its freak-frackin' freezing cold out, but yes people there is sun! Thank you Jesus for the sun. Can we please have more of it?

I am reading this amazing book for our small group. The chapter we read last was about prayer. As I read I was more and more aware of how I kind of suck at praying. I pray, trust me I do. But after reading this chapter it reminded me that I need to pray with pure motives, believing that it will actually be answered, be ready to thank Him for answered prayers and to do it continually. Like all the time. If you are mad, tell Him, He can handle it! If you are happy, He wants to share that with you. Sad, ditto. Hurting, even more. If you enjoy the sun, don't forget to thank Him for putting it there. I sometimes get caught in only requesting and praising and don't do enough just plain ole' conversation. I am committing to do more of that these days, confident that the Lord will reveal Himself more and more to me.

Running update! I tried to run yesterday and just didn't feel right. It was a run/crosstrain day so I decided to stop running and just walk hills in the treadmill. I will run again today hoping it goes better. Usually I would get upset or mad at myself but this time, not so much. I am so blessed to be able to run, so if it doesn't go well one day that's okay. What a concept!

On to today's topic! Another letter...I really like letters! So here we go!

To my dearest future daughter,

I don't know you yet, I don't know who I will be when I meet you. I am not sure God's plan on when we get to meet. But let me tell you one thing, the day we get to meet will be the happiest day of my life. Sometimes I imagine you, and your sweet smile and gentle giggles. I also imagine you and I up at 3am and sick days home from work. But no matter what our days will look like I want you to know what true beauty is. True beauty is not the size on your jeans, it is not how straight your teeth are or the perfect color of your hair. True beauty is not what you see on a magazine cover or the latest trend. Nope, it just simply is not. And if the world continues like it is today, baby girl you will be in a fight against what the world thinks is beautiful. Beauty is what God designed. Beauty is following the Lord in whatever He has for your life. And oh I cannot wait to see the beauty that unfolds in that. Baby girl, you are beautiful because you are of the Lord's.

I don't even know you, not sure when I get to meet you, but I love you more then you will know.



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  1. Shelby you are such an amazing writer! I have loved reading your blog. Very inspiring! Love Ya!