Friday, February 25, 2011

Opps missed a day!

I not only missed a day of blogging but also in running. I was feeling so tired and lethargic yesterday. I just couldn't get the energy in any part of me to go run 4.5. So I will do it today and then we have our 8 miler tomorrow. I asked when we should run it. His response "never." Hmmmm...not good. We will more then likely be at it tomorrow morning. I am praying for a miracle that it warms up a bit.

Day 23: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Oh how I hate this question! HATE IT! But here we go:

1. Compassionate (most of the time)
2. See the glass half full
3. Good listener
4. People person
5. Ambitious

1. Not one creative bone in my body...NOT ONE!
2. I judge too quickly
3. I am a COMPLETE control freak (REALLY trying to work on this one)
4. Too emotional
5. People pleaser
Day 24: What is Jesus teaching you presently?

Two BIG things!

1. To be patient. Remember up above, the control freak part? Jesus is teaching me to slow down, trust His plan and just be patient. If it is waiting for the "right" house, waiting to be healthy again or simply waiting for an email, I am almost being forced to learn this lesson. It has been a huge lesson in my life right now and I am so thankful that I am learning it!

2. How to study His word again. I have always relied on Bible studies in the form for books. But I have been using the same author now for a long time and felt like God was calling me to something else. So now I am using the "what/so what/now what" technique to study the word. I had never heard of this technique and was almost a little embarrassed when someone brought it to my attention. What is so great about only need your Bible, a pen and piece of paper! I have learned so much in the last couple times I have done it. It really dissects the Word and helps me see how to apply it to my own life. Here is how it works:

What: Read the passage (usually only 5-7 verses...but as long as you want!). Then write down what it is actually saying. Don't use any knowledge that you have from any other part of the Bible. Just write down, verse by verse what it is saying.

So what: Now...start dissecting. Study those verses, look up what words mean. Look up where similar stories are in the Bible. You know that line down the middle of the page with different verses? USE THEM! :) Maybe use a different translation, such as the message, to dissect it further. Doing all of this step, is usually when your light bulb moment will go off. You might have one or a lot! But it is so fun praying before I start "Jesus teach me something" and He is always so faithful.

Now what: Take what you learned and apply it to your life. Pray to work through all of these things. Change your everyday life to reflect what you are learning.

I would love to hear what you are learning!

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